Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

The Venezuelan opposition says that the Barbados negotiation format has run out

Deputy Stalin González, one of the opposition delegates in the negotiations with the Government of Nicolás Maduro, said Friday that the format that was used in these meetings, held in Barbados, was exhausted, and said he does not see it viable to return to this mechanism because everything was already discussed.

The opponent reiterated that the opposition is ready to reach a "comprehensive agreement" with the Government, as he said, in an interview with the station Circuito Éxitos, "everything that had to be discussed was discussed."

"Going back to that format, we don't see it viable because everything that had to be discussed was discussed. We have been clear, when the regime is ready to reach an agreement, we will always be ready to reach an agreement. integral looking for the way out of the crisis, "he said.

The Government of Maduro and the opposition of Venezuela began last May a negotiation process sponsored by Norway and based in Barbados to find a solution to the crisis.

The talks were suspended at the beginning of August by Maduro's decision, after the United States imposed a blockade on Venezuelan state assets within its territory.

The Venezuelan president stopped the meetings considering that anti-Chavez applauds this blockade and later his Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, Government negotiator, indicated that they entered a stage of reflection on the mechanism.

Maduro also indicated, a week ago, that he will not resume political dialogues with the opposition until the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, whom more than 50 countries recognize as president in charge, does not rectify "his claim to deliver" the Essequibo territory to Guyana

In the opinion of Deputy Gonzalez, these statements by Maduro "show that there is no real will to give a solution to the crisis", so he stressed that the opposition must then follow the "pressure mechanisms" of the international community.

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