The Venezuelan government says that the Red Cross could grant aid every two weeks

Venezuelan Health Minister Carlos Alvarado said on Wednesday that the Federation of the Red Cross has informed the Government of Nicolás Maduro that it could grant humanitarian aid to the Caribbean country every two or three weeks, without specifying how long it will last. deliveries.

"The Red Cross comrades of the International Federation of the Red Cross talk about the possibility of bringing at least one shipment every two or three weeks to meet the different needs," Alvarado said in an interview with state channel VTV.

Venezuela began receiving humanitarian aid from the Red Cross on Tuesday, after Maduro announced an agreement with the agency to address the health crisis that until earlier this year denied.

According to the Minister of Health, currently the Venezuelan authorities maintain a "technical table" with representatives of the Red Cross in order to guarantee the distribution and accompany the delivery of materials and medicines.

Alvarado also indicated that the government is holding talks and negotiations with China, Turkey, Russia, India, Cuba, the United Nations and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to acquire medicines that, according to the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation, are in short supply. more than 70%

He said that in the coming days medicines from China and Cuba will arrive in the country.

The Federation of the Red Cross began to deliver today in hospitals part of the cargo received on Tuesday at the Maiquetía International Airport, the main airport in the country, coming from the organization in Panama.

The cargo contains 24 tons of humanitarian assistance, including some medicines for emergency care, 14 power plants and some drums for water maintenance.

The United Nations (UN) has said that seven million Venezuelans need humanitarian assistance, which represents an average of 1 in every 4 citizens, as the government census estimates the population at around 30 million.

The oil country is going through a severe economic crisis that includes shortages of food and medicines, deterioration of public services, hyperinflation and instability in the electricity system.


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