July 25, 2021

The Venezuelan Government releases a documentary about the attack on Maduro

The Venezuelan Government releases a documentary about the attack on Maduro

The Government of Venezuela premiered today in obligatory transmission of radio and television the documentary "Chronicle of a frustrated assassination", about the attack with drones suffered last August by President Nicolás Maduro, from which he was unharmed, and for which there were seven wounded .

The material is a compilation of official information on how the attack occurred, as well as testimonies of those who were injured and those who heard and saw the drones explode in the air, as well as the first lady, Cilia Flores.

According to the Vice Minister of International Communication, William Castillo, the documentary, less than an hour long, was made by Marco Ortiz and a group of Latin Americans, Chileans and Argentines who, he said, were "shocked" by what happened three months ago.

For the attack on Maduro, of which the Government accuses the opposition deputy Julio Borges – exiled in Colombia – of being the intellectual author, there are about 30 detainees, according to the latest information offered by the Government.

Among those arrested is the deputy Juan Requesens, who was arrested three days after the attack, while the president accused him in mandatory radio and television broadcast.

Requesens was arrested along with his sister Rafaela, who was later released.

The government, which has shown videos of "confessions" of some of the detainees, has asked Colombia for the extradition of Borges and other alleged suspects to the United States and Peru.

He also asked for explanations to Chile, Mexico and Colombia, after a detainee identified as Henryberth Emmanuel Rivas Vivas, alias "Morfeo", mentioned in a video of "confession" to the embassies of these countries.


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