June 24, 2021

The vast majority of hotels are still closed despite Barcelona entering phase 1

The vast majority of hotels in Barcelona continue to be closed despite the fact that the city has entered phase 1 of lack of confidence this Monday, and very few establishments have been encouraged to open today due to the lack of tourists and mobility restrictions.

The director general of the Barcelona Hotels Guild, Manel Casals, has assured Efe that the fact that hotels can be opened as of today, with restrictions, will not make more tourists come “in the current situation, with closed borders, without planes and with a lack of mobility between provinces and health regions.

For this reason, very few hotels today have joined the 13 establishments that were already on call and the 16 ‘health hotels’, open to provide health coverage.

“The tourist activity is null and entering phase 1 does not change the scenario that we currently have”, he pointed out, to add that the sector considers the “summer as lost”.

Casals explained that, from now until July, they will only open between 20% and 25% of the establishments, because some large chains will concentrate their customers and other establishments will not find it profitable to return to business.

With this scenario, it is expected that more than 75% of Barcelona hotels will remain closed until September and there will still be a smaller group that will not return to activity until there are more tourists, perhaps from October or November.

Casals also considers the messages launched by the government to be very important and he did not think it was a good idea to say that foreigners had to quarantine for 14 days when they came to our country.

“Fortunately,” continues the director general of Barcelona hoteliers, “it seems that the government has set a date for the resumption of the entry of international tourists” from July.

He insisted that good communication has to be done that reaches other countries well so that tourists “have confidence again to come to Barcelona.”


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