April 16, 2021

The VAR and Vinicius relieve Madrid | sports

The VAR and Vinicius relieve Madrid | sports

Marco Asensio marks the second goal of Madrid with Onana on the ground. In video, statements by Solari, coach of Real Madrid, at a press conference after the match against Ajax.

He played Ajax, he won Madrid. A blow from the VAR that will bring tail-a goal that seemed goal, nullified the local team with 0-0-, the joviality of Vinicius and a final resurrection of Asensio they relieved a Real who spent much of the night on the ropes. A champion subjected for an hour by a rival that reduced Madrid to the role of unexpected resistance. The disappointment was great for an expansive and vigorous Ajax.

The demanding Johan Cruyff would have felt jubilant with this new vein of Ajax, a group of youngsters with the air of having left a teenage picnic captained by a 19-year-old boy, De Ligt. Between all enchironaron a Real Madrid disheveled, downcast by the freshness of his adversary, a shirtless, transgressive team. As bold with the ball as without her, without shivering at the time of swiping the ball to his opponent in a foreign field. In front of a rival so vivificante, the champion was a satin team. Unable until the end to find an evacuation route in a duel suitable for the backlash, for the turbo of Vinicius and Bale. But the Real Madrid group was handcuffed, with no action with the ball, encapsulated by the Ajax cadets.

Ajax, 1 – Real Madrid, 2

Ajax: Onana; Mazraoui, Blind, De Ligt, Tagliafico; Van de Beek, De Jong, Ziyech; Tadic, Schöne (Dolberg, m.73) and Neres.

Real Madrid: Courtois; Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Nacho, Reguilón; Casemiro, Kroos, Modric; Bale (Lucas Vázquez, m.60), Vinicius (Mariano, m.80) and Benzema (Asensio, m.73).

Goals: 0-1, m.60: Benzema. 1-1, m.75: Ziyech. 1-2, m.87: Asensio.

Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia). He admonished Ziyech (53) for the Ajax; and Reguilón (69), Lucas (83) and Ramos (89) for Real Madrid.

Johan Cruyff Arena, 54,990 spectators.

Before the Dutch harassment nobody noticed how to protect the game. Madrid did not count three consecutive passes. Engaged in his own to play with the ball to the foot with parsimony, the Ajax robberies happened. And that is not about-never was it in his fascinating story-a set with a fang. His is plasticity, the deployment at full strength with that 4-3-3, a format that the club has metabolized to the bone for 50 years. Throughout his life the extremes have weighed so much that no one is surprised that he enlists three sprinters like Neres, Ziyech and Tadic and dispenses with a conventional battering ram. So he arranged his team Ten Hag. And so he took the chain to Madrid again and again, with Tadic as agitator and Schöne as a beacon against the more temperate role of the already Barça De Jong. To his virtues he added this Ajax an unknown ardor. It was more than a painting team.

Even though the crash had not focused on a Courtois stop, the alerts on its perimeter were constant. Ajax remained in the waiting room for the goal by a crucial scoring of Casemiro, a vital interruption of Nacho, other few of Sergio Ramos … Only an acceleration of Vinicius served as a shock to Madrid. Onana's shot was deflected by the unorthodox Onana. The play served as a rattle for the Spanish team. A breath. But only a breath, because the Ajax took another puff and returned to the load. Even Modric's feet were knotted in a Madrid without thread with Benzema, which is usually the best possible sedative when it comes to embridar matches. In front of an Ajax that arrived stunned by the last stumbles in its little strong domestic league, it turns out that Madrid was more intimidated than in its recent tolls for the Camp Nou and the Metropolitan.

Mazraoiu was the first to put the Real in check, but his shot was crossed by a span. Tadic followed with a shot to the right post of Courtois. And the Belgian goal showed off with his feet before Ziyech. Without monsergas, Ajax screwed Madrid in his trench until the great plot of the night arrived. De Ligt won a corner through the air, Courtois made a mess with the ball and Tagliafico made him pay for the error. Only apparently. The VAR judge was the Polish Marciniak, who, in principle, was appointed as a field referee. A last-minute barter made the Slovenian Skormina leave the screens and take the whistle. Nobody had even suspected that something flagrant (as dictated by the doctrine) had happened. Skormina watched TV on the grass and decreed that Tadic, in off-position play, had blocked Courtois. Neither Courtois had claimed anything.

A new society

With the shock, but blessed by this sudden arbitration effort to get entangled in a bad way with the VAR, Madrid could face the duel after the intermission without another regret that his unexpected inferiority of the first section. He did not send Ajax, but Vinicius' second lightning was terminal for the Amsterdam squad. The Brazilian does not speculate. The opposite goal is his undisguised destiny in each play. From the left side he started towards the area, left three rivals in the ditch and quoted Benzema with the goal. The Gaul and the Brazilian begins to be a listed company.

The goal lowered something to Ajax until Ziyech found the net after a previous draw in midfield that caught the Real Madrid team, who claimed a foul at the origin of the play. Solari moved the basket and with Lucas found the balance that Madrid had not had with Bale. And not only that. With Lucas, Carvajal was aggravated, a jab. Also broke the best Asensio in many months. One and another articulated the final goal. Carvajal opened gas by his side and his center was embedded by Asensio.

There was also protest, this time for a presumed lack of Lucas to De Jong. But the referee had been around for a long time. Except to admonish Sergio Ramos, who after completing 600 games with Madrid will lose the return by penalty. And according to the going, despite the score, maybe there is still a return.

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