The Valley of the Fallen increased its visitors by 41% in October

The Valley of the Fallen increased its visitors by 41% in October

The Valley of the Fallen received last October a total of 41,866 visitors, representing an increase of 41% compared to the number of people who came to the monument in the same period of 2017.

According to the data offered by Patrimonio Nacional to Efe in October of last year, a total of 29,335 people visited the Valley.

This past Sunday it was possible to verify a great traffic jam in the zone, with a total of 1.5 kilometers of vehicle retentions to ascend to the Abbey, in addition to agglomeration in the entrance with big queues to accede to the religious enclosure.

Also, so far this year the Valley of the Fallen has received a total of 308,639 people. At the end of October 2017 the accumulated figure was 244,296.

It should be remembered that in September the area had 53,072 visitors, which meant a significant increase over the same period last year, in which 24,908 people attended.

According to National Heritage, these data reveal that last month the Valley of the Fallen welcomed 28,164 more people than in 2017.

Throughout the summer quarter (July, August and September) the monument had a total of 151,365 visits, a figure that contrasts with last year's, when in the same quarter 84,369 tourists visited it.

These figures show an upward trend since the announcement of the Government of Pedro Sánchez of his willingness to exhume the remains of Franco, a process that was accelerated last August with the decree law to amend the Law of Historical Memory.


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