August 1, 2021

The validity of myth: from the Greeks to utopia, revolution and ecology | Babelia

The validity of myth: from the Greeks to utopia, revolution and ecology | Babelia

Coindicen in the bookstores numerous essays that analyze the validity of the mythical story inaugurated by the Greeks in the contemporary world. This Saturday Babelia dedicates its cover to this phenomenon, which is approached from different fronts. On the one hand, art historian José Emilio Burucúa, a specialist in mythology, analyzes the past, present and future of mythical creation. "The mythical creation tends to take our eyes to the past, but since the origins of the modern world in the sixteenth century, the poietic capacity began to turn towards the future and created the myth of utopia." The most exalting form came in The hope principle, book published in the fifties of the twentieth century by Ernst Bloch, where the modern myths of utopia, revolution and art were superimposed as anticipation of the summum bonum for the humanity".

Accompany this article another signed by Jesus Aguado that analyzes the monumental work of Joseph Campbell on the myth, especially the four volumes of masks of God. The exploration is completed with an interview by Eduardo Lago to the writer Madeline Miller, who publish now in Spanish his novel, Circe, a review of the classic myth of the sorceress.

In the following pages the reader of Babelia will find the usual literary reviews, with analysis of titles such as Voice of old, by Elisa Victoria, and Fine rain, of Luis Landero. The next celebration of International Women's Day on March 8 invites a review of editorial novelties on feminist themes: Mercedes Cebrián makes a compilation that includes essays, novels and even comics.

The pages of art open with a reflection by Txomin Badiola about the meaning of being an artist today. The theatrical critic is dedicated to the adaptation of El idiotade Dostoievski directed by Gerardo Vera. And in the opinion pages, Beatriz Sarlo signs the free gallery, along with the usual columns of Antonio Muñoz Molina and Manuel Rodríguez Rivero.


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