The Valencian Viví Escrivá, National Illustration Award 2021

Madrid, Jun 17 (EFE) .- The Valencian illustrator Victoria Escrivá Palacios, known as Viví Escrivá, has been awarded the National Illustration Prize for her "long career of great graphic quality" and for dedicating "her energy and experience" to fight for the rights of professionals in the sector.

As reported today by the Ministry of Culture, Escrivá (Valencia, 1939) has been distinguished with this award, endowed with 20,000 euros, for being also one of the illustrators who "set the course for the illustrated album in Spain at a time when the publishing sector was beginning to awaken, and especially that of children's books ".

Among the motivations for the award, the jury also highlighted that Escrivá has influenced "generations of readers" and that he is an "indisputable reference" who, in addition, carries out "great work to promote reading."

The winner of this edition of the National Prize studied at the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia, as well as at the San Fernando School in Madrid.

She began her work as an illustrator of children's and school books in 1976 and, among her works, there are collaborations with TVE and the production of thirteen audiovisuals for the Ministry of Culture and Sports under the title "Las Palabras Vivas", about the creation of the book .

His book "When Lía drew the world" was selected in 2000 by the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation as one of the hundred works of Spanish Children's Literature of the 20th century.

During her career, Escrivá has been recognized with awards such as the Lazarillo Award for Illustration in 1980 for "Two princess stories", a work that also appeared on the Honor List of the International Organization for Youth Books in 1982.

In addition, the author was included in the Andersen Award Honor List in 1982 and received the Austral Children's Award in 1991 for "When Lía drew the world".

The jury for this edition has been chaired by María José Gálvez Salvador, general director of the Book and Promotion of Reading, and Begoña Cerro Prada, deputy director of the Promotion of Spanish Books, Reading and Literature has acted as vice president.

Representatives of the professional illustrator associations of Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Galicia and Euskadi have also been part of this jury, as well as, among others, Sonia Pulido Flores, an illustrator who was awarded in the 2020 call.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports grants this award with the aim of recognizing and distinguishing all the work carried out by a Spanish illustrator or illustrator in the field of books and letters in any of the Spanish languages.


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