June 19, 2021

The Valencian law for the protection of childhood comes into force at Christmas

The Valencian law for the protection of childhood comes into force at Christmas

The Valencian law of rights and guarantees for Children and Adolescents will come into force on Christmas Day, after it has been published today in the Official Journal of the Valencian Government (DOCV).

This detail has been highlighted by the vice president of the Consell, Monica Oltra, on his Twitter account, where he noted that the DOGV "has advanced a few hours to Christmas Eve, bringing a gift for all children and adolescents in Valencia: equality of opportunities, rights and voice for all. "

The norm, approved by Les Corts Valencianes on November 29, grants children the consideration of citizens "in full right", and promotes their participation in public life and the promotion of their rights.

Regulates the right to have the opinion of this group heard and taken into consideration in all matters that affect them, and establishes access to educational leisure as a right so that the excess of duties in Primary does not reduce the playing time, as well as the right to good treatment.

In addition, it places childhood and adolescence at the center of public policies; it eliminates the age limit so that its opinion is heard in the informed consent in the medical treatments, and fixes the obligation of the parents to respect their convictions in terms of ideological freedom, conscience or religion.

It also recognizes the right to identity and expression of gender, and establishes that public administrations will have to consult the opinion of children in the educational leisure or urban design policies of the municipalities.

The law was passed with votes in favor of all groups except the PP, which abstained from considering that this rule is "important and necessary" but separates "the ideology" included in it, such as references to voluntary interruption of pregnancy or informed consent in serious diseases.


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