June 23, 2021

The Valencian Government investigates alleged courses to "cure" homosexuals

The Valencian Government investigates alleged courses to "cure" homosexuals

The Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Generalitat Valenciana investigates the possible breach of the LGTBI Law in which several religious venues in Valencia may have incurred by hosting a course supposedly aimed at modifying the sexual orientation of homosexuals.

As reported Thursday eldiario.es, these courses have been taught by the group Truth and Freedom in three religious sites in the province of Valencia.

The content of these courses is being investigated by the Directorate General of Equality in Diversity of the Department that Monica Oltra directs to have knowledge of the information referred to, as confirmed to Efe from this regional department.

In the case of occurrence, the disciplinary proceedings would be carried out for non-compliance with article 60.4. of the LGTBI law of the Valencian Community, which regulates very serious infractions.

Among these are the realization, dissemination or promotion of methods, programs or therapies of aversion, conversion or counterconditioning aimed at changing sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression of people, regardless of the consent given by the person submitted to these therapies.

Very serious infractions will be sanctioned with a fine of 60,001 to 120,000 euros, and in addition some or some accessory sanction may be imposed, such as the prohibition of accessing aid from the Generalitat for a period of 3 to 5 years.

It also contemplates temporary disqualification to be the owner (natural or legal person) of centers or services dedicated to the provision of public services, the prohibition to contract with the Generalitat or the closure or temporary suspension of the service.

It is the circumstance that the secretary general of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), Luis Argüello, has referred in an interview with the Efe Agency to the controversy aroused by the courses on homosexuality taught by the Archbishopric of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid ), and has asked why a society that assumes "fluency and passage from one side to another" (of their sexual orientation) is "scandalized" that someone may feel uneasy about the conflict between their sex and their orientation.

"Why is it allowed to walk from here to here and not the other way around? Why is it considered phobic that someone who has taken a step wants to retrace that step?" He said in reference to homosexual people who come to These courses whose objective, he said, is "accompanying them".


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