The Valencian automotive sector "restless" for the restructuring of Ford

The Valencian automotive sector "restless" for the restructuring of Ford

The Valencian automotive suppliers, represented by the Automotive Cluster of the Valencian Community (AVIA), have received "with moderate concern" the announcement made by Ford Europe during this week about the restructuring of the company in Europe.

According to AVIA, the announcement by the American manufacturer of betting on the most profitable plants is "an impulse of tranquility for the Valencian region", since the Valencian plant of Almussafes is one of the most competitive of the brand in the European continent and the one that has a more stable work environment.

For its part, the announcement in the deepening of the partnership between Ford and Volkswagen AG for the growth of commercial vehicles "may be an opportunity also for the Valencian plant and its suppliers", which already work for the Ford Transit business model.

In the announcement of this Thursday that Ford made, they have remembered from AVIA, also the abandonment of the less profitable models was advanced, that "they suppose a load of minority work for the plant of Almussafes, reason why the Valencian suppliers will also be affected in a moderate way ".

For the president of AVIA, Mónica Alegre, this announcement, "which was already foreseen", has caught the Valencian providers "with the duties done", since "for years" they work to diversify their business portfolio "and for be more efficient. "

"At the same time," he added, "we are confident that the good work that has been done in Almussafes between employees and management, and that has fostered a stable working environment, will be recognized by the multinational."

Alegre has insisted that suppliers work for "numerous clients" and it will be the dependence of each company that determines the influence of Ford's decisions, and added: "The effect will not be like in 2008 because we have worked hard since then. to diversify. "

Yesterday, the factory committee of the Valencian factory affirmed that it will have to negotiate cuts for Ford Almussafes in the coming months of this year, since it is not exempt from the thinning of the company's structure in Europe.

The vice president of the Ford group and president of Ford Europe, Steven Armstrong, explained in a company statement that the "new strategy" includes the closure in August of the plant in Bordeaux (France) and the end of production of the model C-MAX and Grand C-MAX at the Saarlouis plant (Germany).

He has also cited a fundamental reconsideration of his activity in Russia in the joint venture Ford Sollers and the "consolidation" of his business in the United Kingdom.


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