May 18, 2021

The Valencia returns to tie and compromises the future of Marcelino | sports

The Valencia returns to tie and compromises the future of Marcelino | sports

Horror movie in Mestalla. On another catastrophic and dramatic afternoon, the Valencia, who missed a penalty and fit in the only shot between the three clubs of Valladolid, only collect tables in his former fort. Seventh draw of Marcelino's squad at home, condemned for his paper artillery, his thick game and the fatality that has sewn this skin to the skin. Marcelino, who arrived with the water around his neck, sees his continuity compromised after the tie to one before the discreet one Valladolid. From his mansion in Singapore, the owner of Valencia Peter Lim will decide in the next few hours if he keeps the coach in charge or sends him out.


Valencia: Net; Piccini, Garay, Paulista, Gayá; Soler, Parejo, Wass (Coquelin, m.57), Cheryshev (Kang In, m.87), Rodrigo and Santi Mina (Gameiro, m.80). Not used: Jaume, Lato, Torres, Vezo.

Valladolid: Masip; Moyano, Olivas, Calero, Nacho; Keko (Antoñito, m. 58), Rubén Alcaraz, Anuar (Míchel, m. 65), Toni Villa (Duje Cop, m.79), Oscar Plano and Ünal. Not used: Yoel, Borja, Ivi, Suárez.

Goals: 1-0. M. 71. Parejo. 1-1. M. 82. Alcaraz.

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva. He admonished Parejo, Coquelin, Plano, Nacho, Ünal, Alcaraz and Calero. VAR: Munuera Montero.

Mestalla, 36,912 spectators.

Two occasions in just seven minutes: a shot by Carlos Soler that went up and a ball that was walked without Rodrigo arriving in time to catch him in front of Masip, marked the departure of Valencia. Always effervescent at the start, Marcelino's troop took the ball but did not aim for Masip. His lack of punch, his lack of fang, with Batshuayi overweight, punished, and about to leave in the January market, he continues to condemn. That and its tiresome rhythm, its slow trot with the ball and its difficulty to maneuver before defending rivals, like Valladolid, in a low block near its goal. The bat's eleven is even plastic when it runs and combines at first touch with the quality of types like Parejo, to usually do, Rodrigo or Cheryshev but it is not reliable, for irregular, or profitable because it hits like a boxer sounded. Parejo, in a beating with the left, his wooden leg, and Cheryshev, in a crossed shot, closed the deficient offensive section in the first act. The most repeated scenario of the entire season, one in which stumbles in a cursed loop that has stuck in the ranking and has left in evidence the ability of his plenipotentiary trainer to reverse the situation.

Valladolid, prisoner of his black run of nine games without winning and the eleven goals he had conceded in the last six games, took a step back and grabbed his good role as a visitor. Sergio protected himself with the Anuar Ceuta and left Michel on the bench, who missed a penalty a day earlier against Rayo. The party plan for Pucela was to wait for Valencia to surrender because of hunger.

He was about to do it from the penalty spot. With everything in favor after a fall of Mina before Calero, protested by the central albivioleta, Captain Parejo made a compromised decision that, in the end, was revealed totally unconscious. Specialist and reliable on the set piece, Parejo handed the ball to Rodrigo, lacking confidence and without a goal. The penalty and the responsibility to break the match was for the Brazilian Hispanic. Rodrigo hit badly and Masip deflected the launch. To top, Santi Mina He missed his kick when he picked up the rejection.

Fueled, especially, from the left by Cheryshev and also by the right with Carlos Soler, the points of Valencia continued to fail shots in the resumption. Striking was Mina's mistake, who was entangled in the ball in the foot to empty goal after a precise pass from the Russian.

Until the captain appeared, already with Coquelin's bra on his back. Parejo, angry about his decision in the penalty given to Rodrigo, took off in attack and scored the goal of the game with a tirazo with the right that came through the squad. The captain broke down to mourn in the celebration with all the equipment and soon it went away to embrace itself with Marcelino, in a gesture of support loaded of meaning before the doubts on the continuity of the trainer that yesterday was gambled its position.

Ten minutes later he equalized Valladolid in his first shot between the three clubs. In the 81st minute of the game, Rubén Alcáraz, in an extraordinary free-kick, tied the game and converted Mestalla in a wake.

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