The Valencia golea to a Villarreal with urgencies (3-0)

The Valencia golea to a Villarreal with urgencies (3-0)

A solid Valencia, who in some phases of the match made his best football of the season, surpassed a Villarreal with urgencies, who found no arguments to put the local team in trouble.

While in the first half there were moments of alternate dominance, the initial phase of the second period was a gale of Valencia that added to the initial goal of Diakhaby the subsequent goals of Cheryshev and Rodrigo.

The game opened with prominence for the VAR. A lack thrown by Parejo was headed to goal by Diakhaby, who entered from behind, although the position of one of his teammates generated doubts. First the referee annulled the goal, but finally granted after the consultation.

The goal momentarily discarded Villarreal and Asenjo avoided the 2-0 in a good shot from Cheryshev shortly after, after which the visiting team was relocated and began to handle the midfield mostly from the hand of Santi Cazorla.

This control of the game did not lead to dangerous approaches to the goal of Neto, whose defense was well organized and cut the pass line safely. In addition, it was also imposed on the lateral centers.

Before that game of Villarreal, Valencia looked for the cons, with little transit of the ball in the center of the field and send in depth to surprise the opponent. Neither did the local team get their goal and the match reached its equator with balanced forces.

However, in one of the last actions of the first half, a magnificent shot from Parejo crashed in the left post of Asenjo's goal in what was the clearest goal of the entire first period.

The second part started with a new shot from Valencia to the post, this time from Santi Mina, but the immediate play, a loss of ball from Villarreal gave way to 2-0, marked by Cheryshev.

Valencia grew after the goal, took the ball that had been missing in the first period and combined the game to the counter with a greater elaboration of the plays.

Luis Garcia, visiting coach, gave Chukwueze, Bacca and Gerard Moreno, all of his artillery, to make his team go deeper, but his players had a hard time getting the ball against a grown Valencia that seemed to be close to 3- 0

The approaches with danger were repeated before the goal of Asenjo, who lavished with good saves, against an imprecise Villarreal, but aware that a goal put him in the game.

With greater potential in attack, Villarreal overcame the burden of the beginning of the second half, but the men of Marcelino García Toral were very safe in defense and set the pace of the game,

The goal scored by Rodrigo, head, in the final minutes of the game pointed to the Castellón team, made possible the second comfortable victory of Valencia against his fans and forces Villarreal to react immediately given their difficult qualifying situation.

► Technical sheet

3 – Valencia: Neto, Piccini, Garay, Diakhaby, Gayá, Carlos Soler (Ferran Torres, m.77), Parejo, Coquelin, Cheryshev (Wass, m.74), Santi Mina (Kang In Lee, m.83) and Rodrigo.

0 – Villarreal: Sergio Asenjo, Mario Gaspar, Álvaro, Víctor Ruiz, Jaume Costa, Cazorla (Bacca, m.60), Trigueros, Iborra, Pedraza (Chukwueze, m.60), Fornals (Gerard Moreno, m.64) and Ekambi.

Goals: 1-0, m.3: Diakhaby. 2-0, m.51: Cheryshev. 3-0, m.86: Rodrigo.

Referee: From Cerro Grande (Madrid committee). He posted for Valencia to Gayà and for Villarreal to Víctor Ruiz, Iborra and Mario Gaspar.

Incidents: League match played at Mestalla against 37,685 spectators.


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