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The Valencia falls in the extension before the Alba of Aito and the Euroleague must wait

The Valencia falls in the extension before the Alba of Aito and the Euroleague must wait

The Euroleague for Valencia must wait. The team of Ponsarnau fell in the second match of the final of the Eurocopa (95-92) and the third and decisive match will be played on Monday in La Fonteta. The fourth title of the European Championship in the history of Valencia supposed the direct passport for the Euroleague, but the taronja did not know to solve the encounter in the extension.

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The superiority shown by Valencia in the first match of the final (89-74) did not exist in the Mercedes Benz Arena. The two triples with which San Emeterio opened the game were a mirage. The intensity of the Germans and the success of Hermansson gave the initiative to those of Aíto before a rival that during the first two quarters was unable to maintain a sustained rhythm. The Icelandic was responsible for the take-off of the premises (40-33) while Ponsarnau tested all its alternatives, but did not find any reliable.

He had to appear the hero of the first game. The 22 points and 6 rebounds of Thomas in La Fonteta were decisive and his presence in the third quarter in Berlin also. He scored seven almost consecutive points and it was the argument to which the Taronja team grabbed to avoid a new German escape. The experience that Aito talked about before the final appeared at the critical moments of the last quarter, but it was not enough. In Valencia more than half a staff had already faced similar situations. One of them is Sam Van Rossom. The Belgian base went out in the last quarter. He scored 11 points, three triples included, and was responsible for the escape that seemed good (66-71, min 36). He kept his team ahead when the Germans pressed. The errors from the free kick and the mismanagement of the last attack to win the final took the game to extra time. And there the Dawn hit first with a pair of triples (89-83). The advantage ended up being decisive despite Van Rossom still dressed in the superhero costume. The defensive traps of Aito ended up being decisive and on Monday the decisive chapter will be played.

The third match will serve to confirm what can be an exceptional news for the taronja team and a terrible news for the rest of Spanish basketball regardless of the three proprietary teams of the Euroleague, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Baskonia. Jordi Bartomeu, the main responsible of the competition, already warned that next season there will not be five Spanish teams, or any other country, in the tournament. If Valencia wants to make sure the fourth must win on Monday to the Germans.

95. Alba Berlin (23 + 19 + 20 + 21 + 12): Siva (14), Hermansson (14), Giedraitis (17), Sikma (15) and Clifford (5) -quintet holder- Nnoko (4), Wagner (6), Giffey (11), Schneider (0), Thiemann (7) and Saibou (2).

92. Valencia (21 + 18 + 20 + 24 + 9): Van Rossom (22), San Emeterio (16), Sastre (6), Thomas (15) and Tobey (3) -quintet holder- Dubljevic (9), Labeyrie (5) ), Diot (2), Thomas (5), Doornekamp (5), Martínez (0) and Abalde (4).

Referees: Belosevic (Ser), Koromilas (Gre) and Vilius (Lit). Eliminated Thiemann and Tobey.

Incidents: 14,500 spectators in the Mercedes Benz Arena. Second match corresponding to the final of the European Championship. The third match will be played on Monday, the 15th in La Fonteta at 20:30.


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