The Valdivia Club continues to collect medals on a national scale

Diop, on top of the podium as champion of Spain Elite. / c7

In the last Spanish Championship, held in Cartagena, he distinguished himself by reaching two bronzes and one gold

Club Valdivia de Tenoya continues to collect hits on a national scale. In the recent Spanish championships held in Cartagena (Murcia), three of its members stood on the podium and brought medals to Gran Canaria with enormous merit and sacrifice.
Thus, Fátima Cruz achieved the bronze in 57 kilos, Francisco Valdivia had the same distinction in 80 and Makthar Diop hung the gold in 86.

Israel Valdivia, mentor of all of them, cannot hide "his pride and satisfaction" because, as it means, his club
«He was the only representative of Gran Canaria and the one who obtained the most medals of all those of the Archipelago» in this contest.

Fatima, 27, is a nurse and has enormous value in boxing. In fact, I think
They will try out for the national team.Makthar it is a phenomenon. At 23 years old, and with only thirteen fights,
he already has a bronze, a silver and the gold he just won. Y
Francisco, my son, already accumulates, at 22 years old, four podiums, two golds and two bronzes. This last bronze was hard fought, because
had to do six fights to reach it", it means.

The results obtained "give strength and incentives" to continue working "day by day and with the utmost humility", in the words of the emblematic coach.

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