The vacuguagua accelerates the reinforcement

Facilitate access to vaccines against him Covid-19 in many corners of Gran Canaria and of Tenerife, and inform and clarify doubts about these drugs. These are the main objectives of the vacuaguasa resource of Canary Health Service which was reactivated on January 1st -after a first campaign last summer-, to speed up the booster dose between population over 18 yearsalthough in the last week they have added a new route, that of immunization in schools to facilitate, with the help of the educative communityfamily conciliation with the immunization of the little ones.

The nurses Maria Montesdeoca, Carla Barrameda and the nursing assistant Yaiza Cortesare part of the team of one of the vacuguaguas that run through the municipalities of Gran Canaria to facilitate the path to immunization for those people who cannot access the fixed vaccination points.

The three are proud to facilitate the way for people who want to be vaccinated, but who cannot access the vaccination points. «In our day to day we are finding everything, including people who come for the first dose -especially when the compulsory vaccination certificate was implemented in the Canary Islands-, but the vast majority come to us to get their third dose. We are very happy to see how they are encouraged, even those who arrive with doubts and certain reticence, "said María Montesdeoca.

The main doubts they raise are related precisely to the booster dose, whether it is necessary to give it, on the one hand, and on the other, they express their fear of combining Pfizer and Moderna. “We always try to convey to the patient that today there are studies that show that the effectiveness of the vaccine improves with the booster, and that both Pfizer and Moderna are two very good vaccines, and both are suitable for boosters. Most of these people remain calm with the explanation, and usually agree to be vaccinated without problem. And then there are people who tell you about the vaccine that is available at the vaccination point, and the answer is that you have to get vaccinated, no matter what it is, you have to put an end to this. In that sense, it is very positive because we see that with vaccination we are helping to stop the pandemic.”

Until now, they define the path they have taken with the vacuguagua as "a good experience." None of the three have encountered deniers, although they know the case of colleagues who have had that negative experience at the gates of a school. Getting vaccinated is voluntary. What I ask is that they not insult us and let us do our job, and as far as possible, respect that there are small children, and in the end they are left with that image, which is not pleasant for them. The vaccine is voluntary, parents give their consent, being minors, and we ask for respect both for ourselves and for the people who want to be vaccinated. Everyone is free to decide to get vaccinated or not.

Related to school

As indicated Juan Jose Suarez Sanchez, Director of Primary Care Nursing in Gran Canaria, at the moment the first dose is being administered through the vacuguaguas, to an average of 40 to 60 schoolchildren aged 5 to 11 in schools. “We have more than 30 points without an appointment in the Canary Islands for the adult population and pediatrics, and it is clear that many parents, for work or other reasons, cannot go to these points, which is why we facilitate access to vaccination for children. kids. Right now we are at an average of 50% immunization in the pediatric population, and with these resources we are going up."

Suárez admits that in recent days they have been observing a small upward trend in denialism, as a result of the implementation of vaccination in schools. He assures that previously, they found some case, especially when they put the vacuguagua in Las Canteras, but very punctual. While now they have increased in access to schools.

"We have not had aggressions, or any type of assault, but they are around the bus, shouting, and with totally wrong messages," says the director of Primary Care Nursing in Gran_Canaria. «They tell lies like that we charge 800 euros for vaccinating, that the vaccine requires a medical prescription, that children are dying, that there are different effects on adults... All irrational, illogical and nonsense».

However, he remains with the support and recognition of the majority of the population. “We get many positive messages from people who are very happy about the massive vaccination points, about how they are organized, that despite the queues of hundreds of people, they have been vaccinated in 20 minutes. And above all we get the level of satisfaction from the nursing professionals, who do not make them feel like numbers that go there, prick you and that's it, they talk to you, they ask you if you have any doubts...».

There is an enormous operation around vaccination in the Canary Islands organized in such a way that it works like clockwork to immunize the largest number of the population in the shortest possible time._Behind it are professionals such as Carla Barrameda, Yaiza Cortés and María Montesdeoca, ready to take the vaccine to all corners of the Island.

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