The USO union calls a crew strike at Iberia Express from August 28 to September 6

The USO union calls a crew strike at Iberia Express from August 28 to September 6

One more strike in the aviation sector this summer. After the crew at Ryanair Y pilot strikes at Easyjet, the USO union has called the cabin crew at the Madrid base of Iberia Express, with 517 workers, to a ten-day strike. The stoppages will begin on August 28 and will last until September 6, with the aim of "unblocking the collective agreement", USO has indicated in a press release.

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The union affirms that the negotiation of the II Collective Agreement of the cabin crew of the airline is blocked, since "the company has maintained since December 2021, when the negotiations began, a null interest in improving the working conditions of the group, opposing to any trade union proposal and offering alternatives far from reality”.

“USO, the first union in the Iberia Express committee in Madrid, demands an annual salary review according to the CPI during the term of the agreement to adjust salaries to the increase in prices, since crew members have had salaries frozen for 7 years” , continues the union.

Claims for wage increases

The trade union organization also calls for the consolidation of the salary increase of 6.5% corresponding to 2021 for all levels; the creation of two salary levels with an 11% and 4% increase, as well as a 24-month seniority bonus for all workers in the group and the homogenization of the transport bonus and the on-board sales commission in all categories of crew.

USO-Sector Aéreo assures that it maintains a “full willingness to negotiate with the company's management”, but “without neglecting that it is time to compensate for the effort made by all Iberia Express crew members to support the company during the pandemic ”.

“We are very disappointed with the management of Iberia Express, who has shown no word or respect for the workers who have fought to keep the company afloat while they will receive millionaire benefits this summer. We trust that they will reconsider their proposals and land on the reality that surrounds their workers”, said Adriana Escauriaza, USO delegate at Iberia Express.

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