June 23, 2021

The USO committee in Kalise declares an indefinite strike in Gran Canaria – La Provincia

The USO strike committee in Kalise announced Monday the call for an indefinite strike since Monday, August 26, at the Gran Canaria work center due to the different days that had been called since August 1 " they have not taken effect and the company does not sit down to negotiate the agreement ".

In this regard, the president of the USO company committee in Kalise, Juan Pedro Vega, said that the union presented the proposed agreement in June, but accused the company of being "trying to delay the process and not plan to sit until after mid-September. "

Vega said that from the outset they said that the notice "would decline as soon as they were summoned to meet," although he has lamented that "so far they do not want to give in," USO reported in a statement.

He added that this situation has been achieved due to "distrust of the company, since this is Kalise's usual strategy, which does not meet with the committees except for legal imperative," hence he indicated "no" have had meetings in the last years.

Thus, after adopting the decision to call an indefinite strike, the union has notified "in a timely manner" to the company's management, attaching to said notification, a document in which Kalise was once again urged to meet, reiterating that there was no need to continue in this situation and that if they summoned the committee for a meeting, the notice would be without effect. "

In this regard, Vega said that "not even" have responded to this last communication, hence they do not know if the intention of the company "is to start negotiating at the end of September or even later."

On the other hand, he regretted that members of the company committee and the strike committee, together with other workers, have received "up to twelve notifications of disciplinary proceedings for alleged coercion and disturbance during the strike and demonstration days."

From USO they consider that "it is completely ridiculous for the company to try to impose sanctions on the strikers for alleged disturbances and / or coercion, when the concentrations have passed in a totally peaceful manner," the State Security Forces and Bodies appearing therein, that have not even taken minutes. "

For the union all this responds to a strategy of the company to "try to limit the right to strike and that it is they who are coercing the strikers with these senseless files, along with other intimidating actions, since in recent days they have held meetings with the workforce that have not allowed workers' representatives to attend. " Facts, they add, that they have brought to the attention of the labor inspection.


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