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The ‘USA Team’ sinks to the sound of the Marseillaise | sports

On September 11, 2019, it is already in the encyclopedia of afrentas to the mecca of basketball. France put all the librarians of the world to dust off the historical archives of the American defeats in official competition, becoming a rock against which a crashed USA Team which had already proved earthly and encompassing for the troops with more fang of FIBA ​​basketball. This time, they did not escape the quagmire at the Dongguan Basketball Center. The Fournier (22 points), Gobert (21, 16 rebounds and three blocks) and company won the semifinal of the World Cup by playing better, harder and more as a team. The Americans stirred with a blunt partial that returned their command in the third quarter. But France returned vigorously to seal the ticket to Beijing and leave the World Cup of absences without favorites.

The Collet squeezed their agonistic ability to see the feat so close and regained the advantage (76-80 at 2m 50s). Dam of the jindama, Marcus Smart missed two free throws and Ntilikina stretched the rope even further. Gobert leaned to plug Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell in a row and De Colo put the +6 to 50s at the end (78-84). In the middle of a much more dramatic Vietnam than the one before Turkey, Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr looked at each other with a wakeful face. Kemba Walker failed two of his three free throws, the US had no superhero at hand to grab the ledge and fell to the precipice to the sound of La Marseillaise.

Since the United States began using NBA players in the Barcelona Games 92, he had 58 consecutive wins in official competition until his first defeat in the first phase of the 2002 Indianapolis World Cup, against Argentina of Ginobili and Nocioni (80-87). In that dire tournament, the USA Team Paul Pierce also fell against Yugoslavia in the quarterfinals (78-81), with 20 points from Peja Stojakovic; and with Spain in the match for fifth place (75-81) with 26 points from Navarro. In Athens 2004 came the following stripes in the US record with three other defeats. The first against Puerto Rico by Carlos Arroyo (73-92). The second against the Lithuanian Jasikevicius (13 triples in that remembered 90-94). And the third, in the semifinals, again against Argentina of a gigantic Ginobili (29 points in the albiceleste win by 89-81). The last defeat to date was from the 2006 World Cup, when Spanoulis' Greece took Carmelo Anthony's troops off the track with 71% success in the shot until the final 101-95. After those seven defeats in four years, 13 passed without any frights, to China. France won a place in the list.

Donovan Mitchell and Evan Fournier were challenged to start in an electrifying hand that raised the bar for a crash without minutes of scoring. Turner soon derailed, who went to the bench with two fouls in four minutes in his vacant attempt to stop Gobert, the main focus of Popovich's concerns. The doses of fiber and muscle on the track were of such magnitude that the game lost finesse in the middle of the collisions. He abused the triple United States in that section to look for the fluidity of snacks. But the individual aim was as unequal as the collective plan and the first quarter ended in null combat (18-18).

More concerned with containing the opponent than unraveling the skein, the French only distributed an assist in the first 10 minutes, but began to make way with the incorporation of De Colo to the party. With a triple of Albicy and a thrilling rotation of its pivots, the Collet set was made with the first advantages (22-27, m. 13). M’Baye, Lessort, Labeyrie… they distributed the role of hammerhead and took control of the domain under the rings. Only the USA Team defended with the versatility of Mitchell.

Waiting for Kemba Walker, the Americans parked their playful profile and grabbed the defense as they have been doing in this championship. But Popovic's blanket doubted whether to cover Gobert inside or Fournier outside. And, in the middle of the dilemma, France again made a small piggy bank (29-36, m. 17). The USA Team began to make the rubber, confident in its ability to sprint. However, at the third triple of Fournier, Popovich became serious and sent his players to the thinking chair.

Turner returned to continue consuming his cartridge of faults with Gobert and Plumlee appeared to climb the roof of his team. But it was more the denaturation of small-ball that improvement in containment. The faces of the Americans began to show anguish over the challenging look of the French (37-45, m. 19).

France hardened even more with the appearance of Batum (43-53, m. 23). But in the midst of the sound of alarms, the pride of the American team was activated, which broke a partial 23-10 in six fast-paced minutes. Mitchell threw himself up to 29 points and left a Frenchman unable to understand where the escape had been. The defensive growth of the USA Team became a mob of fleeting hands and fast legs that uncovered the methodical French plan. The best thing for the Collet set is that, after the cyclone passed, it was only three points away (66-63, m. 30). They rearmed, were decided by the deed and reached it. The brand image in front of them was depersonalized, too empty of content. The American team, built on the fly and stumbling, was a patch to the detachment of their most illustrious compatriots who, trying to avoid their own hot flush, poked their peers from lower ranks to a Chinese torture. France smelled the blood and hunted the piece.

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