August 14, 2020

The US Supreme Court compels Trump to deliver his income statements to a prosecutor but he frees him from giving them to Congress

The Supreme Court of the United States has ordered President Donald Trump on Thursday to deliver his income statements to a New York grand jury, but has considered that the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democratic opposition, still cannot access those documents.

Trump's latest frustration: he has realized that Supreme Court justices are not at his service

Trump’s latest frustration: he has realized that Supreme Court justices are not at his service

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The ruling hurts the president, who has resisted all this time to make his tax returns public, something that all his predecessors have done throughout history. However, The New York Times newspaper maintains that documents are unlikely to ever reach the public by the rules of judicial secrecy.

The decision to hand over the documents to the New York court has been approved by seven votes in favor and two against. In a separate vote that has received the same result, the nine judges have prevented Congress from accessing the president’s financial documents.

Trump had asked the highest court to set aside the petition, which seeks information from his accountants and bankers, but not from the president himself. Trump’s attorneys allege that he is immune from all judicial investigations during his tenure.

“In the past the courts have shown” wide deference “but not to me!” The president tweeted shortly after the decision was known. “Now the Supreme Court gives a delayed sentence that it would never have given to another president,” he added. In recent weeks, the highest court has announced a series of rulings that have angered the PresidentFor example, the revocation of his presidential order to suspend the protection program for young immigrants, has repealed a restrictive abortion law in Louisiana and has prohibited discrimination against trans people at work, among others.

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