The US House of Representatives approves Trump 5,000 million for the wall with Mexico

The US House of Representatives approves Trump 5,000 million for the wall with Mexico

The US House of Representatives approved today, just over 24 hours after the funds run out, a budget bill that includes more than 5,000 million dollars for the construction of the border wall with Mexico that the president, Donald Trump, had demanded.

The project, with funds for the Government until February 8, went ahead with 217 votes in favor – all Republicans – and 185 against, the Democrats in bloc and eight conservative congressmen.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives submitted this bill for approval after Trump announced today that he would not sign the budget supported by the two parties previously approved by Congress, since it did not include funds for the wall.

The Senate will debate this new project tomorrow, Friday, although it is unlikely to be approved because the Democrats have enough votes to block it despite being a minority.

If so, the disagreement will push the US towards a new administrative partial closure when the current funds run out at midnight from Friday to Saturday.

"Thanks to our fantastic Republicans in Congress for your vote to fund border security and the wall, the final result was 217-185 and many have said there was more excitement than ever before, very proud of all of you. Senate! ", Said Trump on Twitter.

The president also mentioned the Democratic leader in the lower house, who will take over as president a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi, because last week she questioned him having a consensus in the republican ranks to finance the wall.

"The next president, Nancy Pelosi, said last week live from the Oval Office that the Republicans did not have the votes for border security, today the Republicans have voted and won, Nancy does not need to apologize. I want is a great border security! "he said.

The Democrats will take control of the lower house in January and may block the financing of the wall in both houses, making their construction, Trump's main electoral promise, unlikely.

If it were to be closed tomorrow, it would be the third Trump faces in just one year. The first, in January, lasted for three days, while the second, in February, lasted only a few hours.


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