The US hospital ship arrives in Ecuador to offer medical care

The US hospital ship arrives in Ecuador to offer medical care

The hospital ship USNS Comfort, from the United States Navy, arrived in Ecuador today to provide free medical care in the coastal city of Esmeraldas (northwest) between October 22 and 26.

"Today the hospital ship USNS Comfort arrived to Esmeraldas to provide medical assistance to the most needy people," the US Embassy in Ecuador reported in a message on its Twitter profile in which it added the labels "permanent ties" and "promise." lasting. "

In its Twitter profile, the Ecuadorian Armed Forces detailed that the technical personnel of the Comfort disembarked in the dock of the oil terminal of Balao, in Esmeraldas, to begin the installation of medical equipment.

He added that a group of 53 bilingual students from universities in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, began the induction phase to support the activities of the Comfort

According to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Defense, between October and December of this year, the Comfort will provide medical services to countries of Central and South America within the Lasting Promise Program of the Southern Command of the United States.

The vessel sailed on October 10 in a medical mission that, in addition to Ecuador, includes Peru, Colombia and Honduras.

For attention, which will be offered jointly with the Government of Ecuador, two posts will be installed to receive the public at the facilities of the Port Authority, and at the Technical University "Luis Vargas Torres", according to the Ministry.

Each position is expected to serve between 500 and 750 people, daily, in preventive medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, optometry, physiotherapy and dermatology.

To receive care, patients must go to the established positions with their identity document and, if they have medical history or exams.

These are ambulatory services, so patients with trauma or emergencies, should go to hospitals in the province of Esmeraldas, located in northwest Ecuador, bordering Colombia.

Additionally, during the five days, the Comfort's medical team will perform one hundred surgical operations on the ship, exclusively programmed previously with the support of the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador, which will provide the list of patients.

"The arrival of the vessel is part of the strengthening of defense cooperation between the Governments of Ecuador and the United States," according to the Ministry of Defense.

The arrival of the hospital ship has been coordinated between the Embassy of the United States, and the Ecuadorian ministries of National Defense, Foreign Affairs, Health and the Interior.


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