The US denies that the arrest of the Huawei executive affects the truce with China - La Provincia

The US denies that the arrest of the Huawei executive affects the truce with China - La Provincia

The economic adviser of the White House,Larry Kudlow, ruled out today that the arrest and extradition request to the US from the financial director of the Chinese company Huawei,Meng Wanzhou, can affect the commercial truce agreed with Beijing, since they go by "a separate road". "I do not think it's going to spread the commercial conversations, for the moment, I doubt it," Kudlow said in an interview on CNBC, commenting on the case of Meng, who was detained inVancouver (Canada)on December 1 and whose extradition Washington has requested.

Kudlow stressed that this issue is going"a separate path"of the resumption of commercial negotiations, agreed by the US president,Donald Trump,and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, at the G20 summit last weekend. This is the first senior official of the Trump government that publicly comments on this matter. "You can not break the law, if you violate US law, you break the Canadian law and you have to pay the consequences for it, that happened with other companies, and it will continue to be like that, they are national security issues," he explained. presidential advisor.

The US authorities believe thatHuaweiviolated the sanctions imposed against Iran through Skycom, a company that the Chinese giant of electronics claims is independent. Meng was arrested at the request ofU.Swhen making a stop in Vancouver on the way to Mexico, which generated the protests of the Chinese Government. The arrest of the Chinese executive comes at a delicate moment in relations betweenWashingtonYBeijing, and just when both parties had accepted the resumption of trade talks.

After the meeting in Argentina, Trump and Xi agreed to give90 daysto resolve their commercial differences, a period in which the US agreed to leave China's tariffs on Chinese products at 10%200,000 million dollars from January 1, 2019,and not upload them for now to 25%, as planned. Despite the positive initial reaction of the markets to the announcement of the agreement, the lack of specificity on the commitments reached and the case of Meng have fueled the nervousness and caused the markets have chained several days of losses.


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