The US denies entry to María José Carrascosa and returns with her daughter to London | Society

María José Carrascosa: Spanish prisoner arrested in New York for eight years for taking her daughter from the United States | Society

The United States has finally denied entry into the country of the Spanish María José Carrascosa and he returned it to London this afternoon, on a flight from British Airways, the city where he lives and which was the point of origin of the trip with his daughter Victoria, according to sources familiar with the case consulted by Efe.

Carrascosa, who with her daughter has been boarded on a flight with departure at 18:30 (local time), has been held for about 24 hours by local authorities at the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport in New York for problems in her documentation.

Carrascosa was almost nine years in prison In U.S.A. and two on provisional release for kidnapping her daughter and taking her out of that country after a complaint from her ex-husband.

A Spanish court granted her custody of her daughter Victoria, but another American gave it to the father, Peter Innes.

In November 2006, a year after taking the girl to Spain, Carrascosa was detained during a stay in the United States. and in 2009 she was sentenced to 14 years in prison on charges of contempt and kidnapping. He finally achieved provisional freedom in 2015 but was unable to return to Spain until two years later.

The consul general of Spain in New York, Rafael Conde de Saro, was in the early hours at the New York airport in case consular assistance was needed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported, and was at all times supporting the family.

Sources familiar with the case have pointed out that the US authorities have decided to "deny entry" to Carrascosa because of a "contradiction in the documentation".


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