March 2, 2021

The US Attorney's Office asks for life imprisonment for more than 30 years in prison for Chapo

The US Attorney's Office on Wednesday formalized its petition for life imprisonment, plus 30 years in prison, against Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, whose final sentence will be known on July 17 in a court in New York.

In a final brief to the judge in the case, Brian M. Cougan, the Prosecutor's Office assures that "the court should sentence the defendant to the mandatory minimum term of life imprisonment plus 30 years of imprisonment to be served consecutively," in addition to the fact that Chapo should pay the amount required by the Government within 90 days after the judgment.

This legal formula of life imprisonment plus 30 years in prison is a way to ensure that, if accepted by the judge, the Chapo remains in jail until the end of his days.

The Prosecutor's Office already requested on July 5 that the Mexican, found guilty of multiple charges for drug trafficking, also seized 12,666,191,704 dollars.

The Government of the United States wants a refund of the money that the Chapo obtained "directly or indirectly" as a result of its criminal accusation and ended up specifying the money required based on the type of drug with which it trafficked: cocaine (11,809 million dollars) , heroin (11 million) and marijuana (846 million).

This is the result of calculating that Chapo trafficked with a total of 528,276 kilograms of cocaine, 202 kilos of heroin and 423,000 kilos of marijuana.

The sentence of the Chapo, convicted by a jury of ten crimes of drug trafficking, will be read on July 17 to know his conviction.

The Mexican, who remains in a federal prison in Manhattan, considered one of the safest in the US, faced a three-month judicial process in which 56 witnesses were heard, including former partners and employees, and after six days of deliberations the jury found him guilty and faces life imprisonment.

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