June 18, 2021

The US and China trade agreement can wait until the elections

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said Tuesday in London that he is not in a hurry to close a trade agreement with China and admitted that this pact can wait until after the elections in his country in 2020.

"It is somehow better to wait until after the elections for the agreement with China. But they want to make the agreement now," Trump told the media, at the NATO summit held until tomorrow in London.

The president stressed that the US is going "very well" in the wake of this trade war with China, a crisis that has cut prospects for global economic growth.

Trump has accused China of "cheating" the United States for many years and that the current trade war, according to him, is hurting the Asian country more than the Americans.

Washington has not been clear in recent weeks about the progress on a trade pact between the two countries, although Beijing seemed optimistic to be close to signing the first part of that document, according to analysts.

Trump referred to China after expressing dissatisfaction with the imposition of new taxes on companies in the US technology sector.

"I will not allow anyone to take advantage of American companies. If someone takes advantage of American companies, it will be us," the Republican politician added.

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