April 20, 2021

The Urakasumi Japanese winery receives the big sake trophy at the CINVE awards

The Japanese winery Urakasumi Sake Saura has received today the Gran CINVE prize for the best sake of the XV International Contest of Wines and Spirits 2019 (CINVE), which on this occasion and for the first time has given entry to the contest to the wines and liquors of rice Japanese, sake and shochu.

He received the award for his sack Urakasumi Junmai Daiginjo and was received by the representative of the Japanese winery of the province of Miyagi (northeast) Benoi Champagne from the Japanese ambassador in Madrid, Masashi Murakami, in whose residence the trophies were handed out and diplomas

Another Japanese winery, Nekka Llc, took the Gran CINVE in the category of Shochú, a Japanese rice liqueur.

This year's edition awarded 50 prizes in 7 categories corresponding to the XV Wine and Sparkling Contest, the X Tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and the I Contest of Sake and Shochu, which were part of the contest that took place last spring in Cáceres and recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture.

Ambassador Mizukami congratulated the organizers and encouraged them to continue contributing to the knowledge of "washoku" (Japanese cuisine) in Spain through the sake, which in that archipelago has more varieties than beer in this country.

The Gran CINVE awards, one of the three most recognized contests worldwide, were for Fondillón 1996 from Bodegas Monóvar (Valencia) in the category of still wines; Noé Px Vors by González Byass, in liqueur and generous wines; Aliança Moscatel, 2019 Cooperativa Agoindustrial Nova Aliança of Brazil, in Sparkling wines; The Nekka, from Nekka Llc (Japan), in the variety of Shochú; and the Urakasumi Junmai Daiginjo of the also Japanese Urakasumi Sake Saura.

As for the category of Spirits wines, the great CINVE was for the sample Gran Kafka 2019, from the Peruvian winery Gran Kafka Sac.

As for the section of olive oils, the Gran CINVE prize went to the Palacio de los Olivos 18/19, from Madrid's Olivapalacios.

At the XV edition of the CINVE wine samples were presented from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Tunisia or the United States, and more than a hundred olive oils , mainly European and Mediterranean.

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