Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

The unusual request of Alaska as a platinum guest of 'El Hormiguero'

La insólita petición de Alaska como invitada platino de ‘El Hormiguero’

Be a guest of
The Hormiguero
It is almost a privilege. In fact, those who go to the program more than once Pablo Motorcycles are rewarded with a series of privileges that can be used when they want. In the case of Alaska I had visited the set more than ten times. On this occasion, to present his latest album Extrapolations and other questions 1989 - 2000. What made her platinum guest with a member card and everything.

At one point, the singer of Fangoria wanted to use that royalty. What nobody expected is that the unusual petition it had to do with one of his (in) confessed vices.

Only a few minutes of the program had passed and Alaska wanted to use her privilege for being "platinum guest" of El Hormiguero. He had visited Pablo Motos more than ten times, and space gave him that concession. So, taking advantage of the time for advertising, he asked for something that he loves: "French fries".

In the beginning, Motos was left unhinged by the lawsuit, but quickly asked his team to get them. And so much that they did! Almost in a record time, during the time the advertising break lasted, the team brought to the table a plate of freshly made potatoes. "They are warm," the singer said with surprise. Motos, a great lover of healthy living, complained about the amount of fat they carry, but he did it while stealing from his guest's plate.

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