The unpaid fracture to the wardrobe of Reus | sports

The unpaid fracture to the wardrobe of Reus | sports

The calm has lasted little in the locker room of CF Reus Deportiu. A part of the staff remains uncollected and the debt resuscitates the possibility that the first team will run out of cash available to contest the second round of the championship. The payment to 11 soccer players who had denounced the club stopped last week, just before leaving to play the game against C├│rdoba, a massive flight of players, but uncertainty continues to surround the club.

The Reus, fourth by the tail, receives this Sunday Osasuna and will do so with a new fire burning. Seven other players have come to LaLiga to denounce that they are still owed three months, which reactivates the possibility that the unpaid are disengaged from the club and have free access to find equipment in the winter market. With payrolls pending subscription, the Reus would see the chips blocked and it would be unfeasible to even resort to the subsidiary. The possibility that the Second Division has to play half a championship with a lesser team returns to take shape. This Friday, Xavier Llastarri, president and man of confidence of Joan Oliver, the owner, has submitted his irrevocable resignation. He alleges that he has grown tired of enduring the "insults" and the "siege" of the social mass of the club.

Tension nests in the locker room. Tito Ortiz, one of the players who was not registered at the beginning of the season due to problems with the salary limit, has been fired. The group is very touched by the precarious situation in which it is since the course started and has made public its discomfort with Joan Oliver, the owner of the club. The players spoil the management. "It does not tell us the truth," they have denounced in a statement, and even doubt the version given by Oliver in relation to an imminent transaction to save the Reus. According to the owner, there is a closed agreement with an investor to sell the club and clean up the five million debt that it carries.

Oliver hides in a confidentiality pact and has avoided giving players details about the operation and the identity of the alleged buyer. The players are caught in a noxious spiral of crisis and regret that the worst of their omens has been fulfilled: that the payment announced by the directive before the match against Cordoba was only a provisional patch and not an injection of solvent money to face the second stage of the championship with guarantees.

"If the club had the sale closed, I would communicate," Xavi Bartolo, the coach, said on Friday in a pre-match appearance against Osasuna and in which, once again, the sporting theme was in the background. Bartolo regrets that the controversial situation that the team is living has eroded the coexistence and diminished the competitive capacity of the team, much in need of points to be able to leave the zone of descent.

The players have renounced the figure of the captain, arguing that, having no dialogue with the board, the figure of the costume representative is meaningless. "We do not rule out taking any other measure in defense of our interests," they said. LaLiga, which already offered to pay the salary of the staff, has a fund for defaults but, on the other hand, the most unprotected is the club staff, technical team included, which also accumulates months of defaults.

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