April 19, 2021

The unknown was the star | Culture

The unknown was the star | Culture

The most joyful, moving and memorable revelation of this party of pomp and circumstance that this year has been so well and predictably empowered (I think it is said that way) has been the speech of thanks of a very short, bald and terrible man of vision called Jesus Vidal. I notice the closeness of the tear (with cause or maudlin, I do not care how it appears in these eyes that have been dry for so long) before what counts and how it expresses when receiving its prize. I do not know if Jesús Vidal is an extraordinary actor, with the capacity to provoke in the receivers the sensations that he wants, if his speech was prepared or improvised, but it was precious.

I speak by heart, although I do not think I'm obfuscated. I think I heard Jesus Vidal the following: "Love life with the eyes of the intelligence and the heart" and "I would like to have a son like me because I have parents like you". It distills authentic emotion, sentimental closeness, warmth, truth. And that they grit their teeth to the imbeciles of design who spend their forgetful existence despising the "goodness". And the modern man who invented that dizzying term, so fashionable, will believe himself great.

And I'm glad that the most desired ration of the cake has fallen to the emotional, humorous, risky film that this strange director signs (in the best sense) and staff called Javier Fesser. Your world is always identifiable, also your sense of humor, but if you propose it you can freeze the blood as in the terrifying Path. And I have nothing clear that to be a good film director you have to be a good person. But I suspect that in the case of Fesser talent and kindness go together. It was nice to see him happy, making an endearing pineapple with the handicapped group, whose existence should not have been easy, whom he has directed in Champions

Rodrigo Sorogoyen should not have any doubt about his ability to tell stories with his brilliant camera. Justified arrogance. The kingdom transmits pure adrenaline, at the service of an intrigue as sordid as intolerably everyday. I really like this chronicle about the generalized pringue of politics. And okay, I would not mind if other films that endorse that trade as the vocation of service to others, but on condition that they deploy the quality, the nerve and the verisimilitude that Sorogoyen shows in this devastating story.

Interestingly, the only sequence that I detest in The kingdom (and the outcome seems dubious) has been the most celebrated and for which the actor Luis Zahera has received a Goya. It is the endless conversation on a balcony between the politician and the achiever. By intense, by loading, by overacting. And the interpretation of Antonio de la Torre is formidable. I liked less his authentic speech of gratitude on the beauty and hospitality of Andalusia. It sounded like spot advertising

Fair meeting the award to Susi Sánchez, that actress with a beautiful voice and perfect intonation, for her work in The disease of Sunday, that paradoxically is a movie that I do not like. And well …, the rest of the statuettes are well distributed, they make sense.

It was more than neat, very funny at times, the performance of Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril. He seems to me an exemplary monologue and interviewer. I owe him a lot of smiles and laughs. And besides, I like it very much. I had not seen Silvia Abril perform. And it has been a pleasure. Chemistry works between them on stage, gags are worked, dialogues are funny. They say that company and complicity help to make the laughter appear. I must be very weird, because observing the ceremony in solitude the blessed laughter has arisen in several moments. In the appearance of Berto Romero and David Broncano hanging from cables that threaten their genitals and fearing that if they launch the Goya to the winners they can break their heads. I also laugh with the forced and crazy striptease de Abril and Buenafuente.

The experts say that the singer Rosalía is prodigious. And that his personality hypnotizes the public from anywhere. I do not follow the current music. But any version of I stay with you, One of my favorite songs, that is not interpreted by Los Chunguitos, seems to me a desecration. Although the singular girl is surrounded by the most distinguished choirs.

And it was fair and necessary the homage of powerful Spanish directors, who have frequented the fantasy and horror films, to Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, the man who knew too much. I have not reviewed since its premiere The residence neither Who wants to kill a child? but I remember the fear and the restlessness that provoked me when I was young. Everything in this man bore the seal of intelligence. And I knew how to create a show.


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