September 21, 2020

The university studies with better and worse salaries before turning 30 years old

The superior study that guarantees a better remuneration and more probability of finding a job before reaching the age of 30 is the one of Medicine, according to him report "Labor Insertion of University Graduates" of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. This report provides transparency to the university system and provides the necessary tools to avoid the mismatch between the degrees offered and the labor market. For this, the professional evolution of the students who left the classrooms in the academic year 2013-14 has been analyzed, and the affiliation rate, the percentage of affiliates or the type of contract, as well as the working day and the contribution group of the members of the Social Security and the contribution of these.

Doctors get a salary of 34,290 euros annual gross before turning thirty. Besides Medicine, among the careers with the best salary is Nautical and maritime transport (33,977 euros), aeronautical engineering (30,454 euros) and industrial organization (30,502 euros), all of them above 30,000 euros. On the other hand, the races with the worst salary in the fourth year of titling are Podiatry (12,935 euros), Speech therapy (14,467 euros) and Dentistry (14,795 euros), followed by Physiotherapy (15,436 euros), Fine Arts (15,753 euros) and Conservation and Restoration (15,850 euros).

When finishing the race, almost half (47%) of the recent graduates are affiliated with Social Security, and of that percentage, 42% are indefinite. By the fourth year, the percentage of employees hired is already just over 72%, almost three out of four. The indefinite also grows, although it remains at 46.7%. Medicine it is still the top study with the highest percentage of affiliates that end up with fixed work, with a 92.1%. It is followed by computer engineering (90.9%) and optics and optometry (90.6%), and a little below 90%, Podiatry (87.2%). The least, Foreign languages ​​(49.8%), International relations (51.5%), Conservation and restoration (53.6) and Modern languages ​​(55.2%).

There are also several differences among members by sex. Women achieve better results in Logopedia, Mathematics or Nursing, while the differences are favorable to men in virtually all engineering.

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