November 30, 2020

The university scholarship application requires a medium-high level of security of Cl @ ve

University students interested in applying for scholarships from the Government of the Canary Islands for this course can only carry out the procedures through telematic means, for which the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports warns that the Cl @ ve requires a level of security medium-high. A low security level in said electronic identification system will generate an error and prevent the application procedure for these grants from being carried out. To increase it, the student must prove his identity in a registry office of the state, regional or local Administration, a procedure for which he must request an appointment.

Given that the deadline ends on November 2, the General Directorate of Universities advises those interested to carry out this process urgently. In addition to permanent Cl @ ve, the electronic DNI and the Digital Certificate issued by any of the certification entities admitted by the electronic headquarters are valid.

In the call for scholarships for this academic year, the regional government has increased the income thresholds and the fixed amounts linked to income and residence, so that more students can benefit from these grants. Thus, the increase in the amounts of Threshold 1 of family income stands out; so that, for example, for families with a computable member, the interval between 3,771 and 3,962 euros from the previous year is now extended to between 8,422 and 8,871 euros. It is a measure that part of the Ministry, to face the difficulties generated by the effects of Covid-19. Another of the changes included in the current call is the increase in the amount of the fixed amount linked to income, which will be 1,700 euros for the current school term, and that linked to residence, which rises to 1,600 euros. The fixed amounts linked to transport and functional diversity are maintained. Regarding modifications of an academic nature, the requirement in the Degrees of some branches is lowered, in terms of the percentage of credits passed in the previous year to have access to a scholarship.


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