June 17, 2021

The University of Valencia denounces a professor who said macho phrases

The University of Valencia denounces a professor who said macho phrases

The Vice Chancellor of Equality of the University of Valencia, Elena Martinez, has filed a complaint against a teacher accused of proffering sexist phrases, with the authorization and ratification of the students who accused the teacher.

This was stated on Friday by the rector of the university, Mavi Mestre, during the opening of a conference on intervention in gender violence, where he made an institutional statement on the case of the professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences at that the students accuse.

The students have denounced that the teacher, who is currently on sabbatical, has said phrases like "how cool were you last night", "how do I get those little cries" or "you do not have to wrap up in the exam, since we we can roll up later in my office. "

Mestre explained that the university protocol states that it is necessary to file a complaint, in person, through a legal representative or by any member of the university community to initiate the internal investigation process, but always authorized by the complainant.

The students "have felt more comfortable" authorizing and ratifying the complaint presented by the Vice Chancellor of Equality against the teacher, said Mestre, who pointed out that the rules "are not made for life" and the cases that may be help improve the protocol.

Now a commission will be set up with people who have training in gender and the internal investigation process will begin to prepare a report within a maximum period of 45 days to determine if there are incidents of risk or a lack and, based on this, it will be decided the final result.


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