November 24, 2020

The University of La Rioja will award 210 scholarships to Ecuadorian students

The University of La Rioja will award 210 scholarships to Ecuadorian students

The International University of La Rioja (UNIR) will grant 200 undergraduate and ten postgraduate scholarships to Ecuadorian students, the vice president of Ecuador said in a statement after signing an agreement in that regard.

"With the aim of promoting access to online higher education for Ecuadorian citizens, the cooperation framework agreement between UNIR and the Vice Presidency of the Republic was signed," says the press release.

The agreement was signed in Quito by Vice President María Alejandra Vicuña, who started the project during her last tour of Spain a few weeks ago, and the rector of UNIR, José María Vázquez García-Peñuela.

Vicuña stressed that the scholarships will be allocated to the sectors related to the functions of the Vice Presidency, "always with criteria of inclusion, territoriality and gender"

"They will be able to serve in a great way young students who already graduated in our schools will have the opportunity to access these scholarships," he said.

For the Spanish rector, who highlighted the virtues of online education, "the agreement is of special importance" for your institution.

"It is no longer a question of a significant number of Ecuadorians trusting us, but this is something that goes beyond, it is an institutional recognition of the Ecuadorian Government itself to our institution by entrusting the formation of 200 compatriots in different titles" , declared in the act.

Undergraduate students can study in the careers of administration and business management, psychology, social work, communication and pedagogy.

For postgraduate studies they may apply for scholarships in the areas of education, law, engineering, arts and humanities, social and labor sciences, economic and administrative sciences, marketing and communication.

UNIR is one of the seven foreign universities recognized by the National Secretariat for Higher Education, Science and Technology, SENESCYT.


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