The University of La Laguna asks to create the Faculty of Nursing

According to Alfonso García, vice-dean of this degree at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the proposal has historical and academic reasons that support it.

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The Governing Council of the University of La Laguna (ULL) has unanimously approved this Wednesday
create theFaculty of Nursingthus fulfilling an old demand for this qualification that must be endorsed by other instances for its definitive implementation.

The proposal has historical and academic reasons that support it, in the opinion of Alfonso García, vice-dean of this degree at the Faculty of Health Sciences, where it is located so far, as explained by the teaching center in a statement.

In fact, the vice-dean added, it was approved by
the center board in 2019in addition to the fact that it is a degree in which several departments outside the center itself participate, and it also has the support of professional associations.

Nursing studies began with the creation of the university school of the same name, which
dates from 1979.

Subsequently, health agreements were signed with the reference hospitals and with the
Canary Health Service and with the entry of the European Higher Education Area, the conditions were created for the then diploma course to become a university degree, lasting four years and with
240 academic creditsthus equating it to the rest of the degrees, which had also been in high demand.

Faculty of Health Sciences

In 2010, the
Teaching Unit of La Palmafrom which almost 300 graduates have come out so far.

Alfonso García recalled that in 2014 the Faculty of Health Sciences was created, from which later
Pharmacy broke off, on the one hand, and Psychology and Speech Therapy, on the other.

From 1996 to the present, almost
4,000 nurses Y

The possibility of returning to the original center generates a
great satisfactionsaid the deputy dean, who stressed that this issue is also in line with the growing relevance that the profession has taken on with the covid-19 crisis.

Nursing is an autonomous and independent discipline, the proponent pointed out, and with the creation of the Faculty, the aim is not to correct the past, but rather to satisfy the
wishes of an academic communityhe argued, which is why he considered it a thoughtful proposal that has been accepted by the governing bodies of the current faculty.

The Governing Council also gave its approval to the multiannual nature of a program to improve management in centralized services and promote research, from which the
hiring 27 peopleof which 19 are technicians, from September 1, 2022 and up to two and a half years.

The manager of the university institution, Juan Manuel Plasencia, explained to the councilors that it is a program for the comprehensive improvement of many services, in the sense of enhancing their
agility Y
efficiencybringing coherence to many procedures and promoting broader results in all matters.

The manager clarified that this initiative does not intend to abuse temporality because, in fact, a
opposition contest of 49 squares of administrative staff, from which a large reserve list will be derived -which is currently exhausted on the administrative scale- to cover substitutions.

These are additional actions to improve the institution, without intervening in the provision of structural positions, he explained.

He also added that the program will be launched using the affected treasury remnants without this, he repeated, assuming
a regular budget expense and complying with all legal guarantees.

The improvement of the capture of research projects, the implementation of permanent financial control or
raising more public funds were some of the tasks described by Plasencia for this program.

The manager concluded by saying that work is going to be done in a complementary way, on the one hand, to structurally cover the workforce with the various processes that are underway and, on the other, to have this technical support on a temporary basis.

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