The University of Granada denounces before the prosecution the professor accused of sexual harassment | Society

The University of Granada denounces before the prosecution the professor accused of sexual harassment | Society

Sample of support to the victims in the Faculty of Sciences of the Education of the University of Granada, this Thursday.

The University of Granada (UGR) has transferred to the Office of the Prosecutor the case of alleged sexual harassment by a teacher of the Faculty of Pedagogy to several of his students. The university has discovered, according to the sources of the institution, "the existence of signs of repeated behavior of harassment" in the teacher. Since last Friday a student made public the alleged illicit behavior of the teacher during a tutoring, more students have acknowledged receiving similar treatment. Of those that could have gone through a similar situation, at least six women have already reported it to the UGR.

After receiving the complaint, the university immediately initiated an investigation in charge of its Inspection service and its Equality Unit, directed by Miguel Lorente, who was the Government Delegate for Gender Violence. With the results of that investigation in hand, the rector Pilar Aranda has decided to act quickly and move the case to the Office of the Prosecutor. If this, as everything seems to indicate, estimates the complaint will be the police who from now on assume the investigation. The complainant has shown this newspaper its satisfaction with the UGR's performance: "It seems to me that the university has done what it had to do and that is what we were looking for".

The facts reported occurred on March 7, explained the complainant, in the office of the professor to whom the girl had come to justify some faults. In fact, the current semester began in mid-February and the student had not yet attended any of the teacher's classes reported, so they did not know each other. The teacher asked for the phone number and in addition to commenting on the "provocative" that was in his picture of WhatsApp, he asked, explained the complainant, if "I masturbated, if I needed help for that and if I enjoyed sex " He also took her hands and sat her by his side and not in front, as usual.

The young student decided to go a second time to the teacher's office to record him. On this occasion, and after recognizing that perhaps the questions of the first date were a bit daring, the student picked up an audio in which, presumably, the teacher acknowledges having acted as the student later reported.

Last Saturday, one day after the complaint and the students of his Faculty were mobilized in the networks, the teacher, who is on leave since the facts have been known, wrote in his social profile: "Millions of false information they are broadcast daily by social networks with the intention of damaging and hurting the honor of people and organizations … "

This Thursday morning, several hundred students have met in the Faculty of Pedagogy to show their rejection of what happened. The rector has supported the demonstrations through of your Twitter, where you have written: "As a woman, as a university student and as rector, all my support for student protests and protests. We will work decisively to definitively eradicate harassment from our university and society. Before the harassment, do not shut up "


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