July 9, 2020

The University of Alicante suspends two years of employment to the professor of the 223 zeros – La Provincia

Suspension of two years of employment and salary. This is the resolution of the file that the University of Alicante (UA) opened last January to the Professor of Advertising Alessandro Cavaliere after the students planted and refused to take the exam of their subject by the way of teaching and evaluating the teacher.

More than 200 fourth year students Advertising and public relations they rebelled and refused to examine Production and Production in Print Media for which Cavaliere was responsible.

They argued that in previous courses Cavaliere did not take the exams and suspended the students and then gave a general approval in the final exam. This situation caused the UA to open a disciplinary record the teacher. After following the pertinent procedures, the file has now been resolved with the penalty of two years without employment and salary.

The university professor announced Tuesday in a letter to this newspaper that he has presented a demand judicial against this measure "to clean my good name as a professional of teaching and advertising ".

Cavaliere believes that "it has been exaggerated by a group of students habitual problems that occur in classes and that have much more to do with the massification of classrooms and communication errors than with a teacher malpractice for me".

In the same document, he says he could not put the partial notes "due to gastroenteritis" on time. He complains that when "I was still sick, I delivered the notes to the department, the disciplinary file was already under way."

However, the students were outraged on the day of the January exam and assured that "it is impossible to evaluate us of a subject that we have not given and in which we are self-taught. "In addition, the work that they had to present and that represented 30% of the final grade was rated with 223 zeros and fourteen more suspensions with other qualifications. Notes that the students did not know until hours before the exam and that caused the student staff.

After that situation the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Planning, who directs Jose Penades, opened the disciplinary file that has finally sanctioned the rector, Manuel Palomar. From the first moment a new coordinator of the subject was appointed so that the students could continue the course normally.

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