The University Carlos III cancels, after having authorized it, a mass of inauguration of course

The University Carlos III cancels, after having authorized it, a mass of inauguration of course

Ginés García Beltrán, Bishop of Getafe, will not celebrate a mass that he intended to celebrate on Tuesday at the Carlos III University of Madrid, organized by the Catholic association Totus Tuus UC3M and that they had announced through Instagram.

The dean of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of the Carlos III University of Madrid, Rosa Rodríguez López, decided yesterday – just a few hours before – to suspend the mass alleging that "Could prevent the normal performance of the activities of the University."

Since the association Totus Tuus UC3M have explained to LA RAZÓN that a few weeks ago they asked for a space in the University to celebrate the opening ceremony, which would be "a Eucharist with presentation of the association and a small lunch in which we get to know each other better in a festive atmosphere ». Upon this request, the University informed them that the classroom was granted 10.2.12. for the ceremony that would be celebrated by the Bishop of Getafe. However, in the afternoon of yesterday, the multiple pressures of other student associations, with campaign included in social networks, eventually led the University to suspend the act.

From the Catholic Association denounce that the Carlos III has yielded to the blackmail of the intolerant and warn: "If a number of associations and / or students certain public events at the university (even with the consent of this) does not seem to like it , It will be enough to threaten to violate the act in question so that it is annulled. They are the ones who in the end will decide which acts have a place and which do not in the space of the university according to their affinity with them ».

Members of the Catholic Students Association now encourage those who support them to meet peacefully in front of the classroom, at the time the Eucharist was planned, to show their disagreement with a decision that "violates their rights."

As expected, this fact has not gone unnoticed in social networks that have been flooded with comments for and against. While some attack the Church and demand secularism, others demand respect and tolerance. The controversy is served.


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