September 18, 2020

The United States will not raise tariffs on Spanish agri-food products




The worst fears of the Spanish agri-food sector, finally, have not been fulfilled and the United States will not revise tariffs upwards, according to an official statement from the Office of the Foreign Trade Representative (USTR, in its acronym in English). Specifically, the body speaks of “modest changes” and announces that 25% tariffs will be maintained for Spanish products such as wine, cheese or table and green olives. While products related to aeronautics (engines, spare parts …) will continue with a 15% tariff. Similarly, the total amount of the tariffs remains at about 6.9 billion euros.

Just a few hours before, some media were advancing a possible agreement between the Government and the United States in this regard, although this point has not been confirmed by ABC. In the last weeks, the sector had been asking Sánchez for “firmness” to defend their interests and “contacts at the highest level” to avoid the aggravation of a situation that is already charging a high bill.

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