June 18, 2021

The United States rejects the formation of a parallel government in Afghanistan

The United States government on Monday rejected the formation of an executive parallel to that of President Ashraf Ghani in Afghanistan led by the opponent Abdullah Abdullah.

Both Ghani and Abdullah on Monday held in Kabul taking possession of possession parallel and synchronized to the minute, they showed the initial weakness faced by the Afghan Government.

“We strongly oppose any action to establish a parallel government, and any use of force to resolve political differences,” the head of US diplomacy Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

Upon the inauguration of the reelected Ghani, the United States sent its special representative for peace in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, while Abdullah’s had only local leaders.

This political crisis has been taking place since September, when the holding of the elections was marked by a low participation due to the threats of the Taliban and the subsequent allegations of massive fraud by Ghani’s rivals.

Despite rejecting his parallel takeover, Pompeo highlighted “Abdullah’s commitment to peace and stability” on Monday, similar to that expressed by Ghani in announcing that he will continue negotiating with the opposition to “reach an agreement on a integrative government that unites the country. “

He also welcomed Ghani announcing during his take that tomorrow “he will issue a decree on the release of Taliban prisoners and the formation of a national team for inter-Afghan negotiations” with the insurgents with whom the US He has already agreed to the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan.

Although Ghani had so far opposed the agreement between the Taliban and Washington for the release of 5,000 insurgents, he seemed willing to compromise in exchange for a reduction in violence.

“The release of the Taliban prisoners is linked to the peace and security of the people, in this regard I will issue a decree tomorrow, which will include more details about this process. Fortunately, we reach a framework in which, in exchange for the release of prisoners, there will be a significant reduction in violence, “Ghani said in an unexpected announcement.


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