July 23, 2021

The United Kingdom is studying forcing companies to reveal the wage gap between ethnic groups

The United Kingdom is studying forcing companies to reveal the wage gap between ethnic groups

The British government today opened a consultation period in which it will evaluate the possibility of forcing companies to reveal the wage gap between ethnic groups, after the same was already done with gender discrepancies.

Presenting the consultative period, British Prime Minister Theresa May noted that ethnic minorities often feel "as if they have hit a wall" in the workplace.

The consultation, which will last until next January, will allow interested parties to comment on what kind of information they think should be made public, "without putting an excessive burden on companies," said May.

The Audit of racial disparity, published last year, revealed great discrepancies between white people and the rest of the races that coexist in the United Kingdom in areas such as education, employment, health and crime.

Among other things, he found that Asians, blacks and other ethnic groups were much more likely to have a low salary, and revealed that only 1% of non-white police occupy positions of responsibility.

Within the national health service (NHS), it was found that 18% of preselected white job applicants got the job advertised, compared to 11% of ethnic minority applicants.

"Our goal is to make sure that the organizations, boards of directors and management teams in the UK truly reflect the work environments they handle, and the actions we take today will help companies identify the initiatives needed to create a fairer workforce. and diverse, "said the head of the Government.

May also presented the Statute of the race at work, which has already been signed by the NHS and companies such as KPMG or Saatchi & Saatchi and which commits the signatories to boost the recruitment and job progression of employees of ethnic minorities.

The director of policies of the business bosses CBI, Matthew Fell, said that "transparency can be an engine for action when addressing the ethnic wage gap", just as it happened with the gender gap.

Last April, the government requirement that forced companies with more than 250 workers to report on the wage gap between men and women came into force, prompting a national debate to reveal huge differences in all sectors.


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