The United Kingdom invites Felipe VI and Juan Carlos I to the queen's funeral

The United Kingdom has sent the invitations for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which will be held next Monday, the 19th. In the case of Spain, they are addressed to Kings Felipe VI and Letizia and at the same time Juan has also been invited Carlos I and Queen Sofía. The Royal House has confirmed the attendance of the current kings and has reported that it is waiting for the King Emeritus and Queen Sofia to confirm whether they are going to attend or not.

In addition to the current Heads of State and former Heads of State of Spain, the United Kingdom has also sent invitations to the delegations of Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. The crown prince of Denmark is also invited.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away last Thursday after seven decades on the throne. Two days later, on Saturday, his son, Prince Charles, was proclaimed king. This Monday he has given his first speech to British parliamentarians, in which he has stated that he will reign "disinterestedly" and with respect "for constitutional principles."

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