The unions will ask Alcoa to withdraw the ERE for not seeing it justified

The unions will ask Alcoa to withdraw the ERE for not seeing it justified

The representatives of the workers of Alcoa in Avilés and A Coruña will request tomorrow the withdrawal of the file of extinction of employment proposed for the 686 workers of both staff because they understand that the arguments put forward for its application lack foundation.

At a workers' meeting held today at the plant in Avilés, union representatives have informed that tomorrow they will transfer to the company their intention to "fight for the future of the factory as we know it" and that they are willing to negotiate alternatives but "as long as it is for the factory to continue," Efe has informed the chairman of the works committee, José Manuel Gómez de la Uz.

"We understand that the situation has changed a lot since the presentation of the file given that the structural problems of which he spoke about the electric costs are being resolved by the Government or, at least, he says he will do it," he said.

In addition, in his opinion, the market problems "are a lie" given that in Europe there are no aluminum factories and the issues of technological improvement is a matter that the company has to solve.

Alcoa said at the time that the Aviles and A Coruña plants are affected by structural and technological production problems such as lower production capacity, less efficient technology and high fixed costs.

These structural problems, together with external market factors such as China's overcapacity of production, the high price of raw materials and the cost of energy, have generated significant losses in these plants in the last two years, according to the company.

For trade unions, these arguments are not valid or justify the application of an employment file that involves the closure of the Asturian and Galician plants.

Tomorrow will take place in Madrid the last meeting between unions and the company within the current period of consultations of the file but the law provides an extension of fifteen days to continue negotiating.

"We are willing to continue negotiating, but only a real alternative for the continuity of the activity," said José Manuel Gómez de la Uz.


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