The unions UGT and CCOO support pardons to Catalan politicians to "promote a scenario of dialogue"

"We must recover the value of dialogue, negotiation, the will to agree." With this objective in mind, the UGT and CCOO unions have launched a joint statement in which they support the pardons to Catalan politicians since they consider that the "competition of these people -referents in their parties and social movements and who have already spent a long period in jail- is essential "to redirect the political situation.

Will the pardons affect independence sentiment?  Support for secession moderates when there is detente

Will the pardons affect independence sentiment? Support for secession moderates when there is detente

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"UGT and CCOO understand that a pardon process for the aforementioned leaders is a necessary condition - although certainly not a sufficient condition - to overcome past episodes," explain the union confederations. The union announcement comes after Article by Oriol Junqueras in which he confirmed the political turnaround of ERC and its commitment to negotiation with the Government of Pedro Sánchez, which marks a turning point in the strategy of secessionism: yes to legality and yes to pardons.

Without going into assessing the events that have occurred in Catalonia since the autumn of 2017, the unions explain that "it is evident that the permanence in prison of Catalan political and social leaders is a serious impediment" to achieve a necessary "scenario of dialogue and negotiation, which serve to redirect things to the deliberative and transactional path of politics ".

In this sense, the main trade union centrals point out that it is still installed in Spain "at a level of political fronting that is highly undesirable to address so-called" country "policies, which would require certain basic consensus that today seem unlikely in the world. Spanish political concert ".

To put an end to this scenario of frontism, the UGT and CCOO confirm that "the channels of negotiation between the different Catalan political forces, on the one hand, and those of the Catalan self-government institutions with those of the country as a whole, on the other, have a decisive role to play" and that pardons are a fundamental step to achieve this new negotiation climate.

Both UGT and CCOO consider that reducing tension and the front line will help "Spain face challenges and also opportunities of strategic significance in the coming years."


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