The unions reject the distribution of the 4,333 places in the merit contest offered by Education

The unions reject the distribution of the 4,333 places in the merit contest offered by Education

The teachers of the conservatories are one of those harmed by the merit contest, according to the unions. Musicians at CSMC. / COVER

The centrals refuse to negotiate until the conditions of the extraordinary stabilization are reviewed because it "harms" the Canarian teachers

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The Canarian teacher unions rose yesterday from the negotiating table with the Ministry of Education by rejecting the distribution of places proposal as long as the merits contest procedure is not resolved, which, in his opinion, harms the teachers of the islands.

This stabilization process, which affects
4,333 positions, responds to the requirement to reduce the interim in the public servicebut they have opted for a merit contest that includes oppositions won without a place since 2012. But on the islands, remember as centrals, these oppositions have not been called, so the Canarian teachers come at a disadvantage.

"We reject that it be held in these circumstances," said one of the STEC representatives, Gerardo Rodríguez, yesterday.

Canarias, the community that puts out the most vacancies

It should be remembered that any teacher from any community can apply to this merit contest since "they are not oppositions" but rather "merit contest".
According to the unions, the Canary Islands is the community that has taken out "the most places" to stabilize, while communities such as Madrid or Andalusia, with more population, put out "fairly less». For the unions, this could suggest that they are "reserving" places so that teachers from other communities do not attend. "The Canary Islands have taken them all out," Rodríguez abounds.

"If we convene the merit contest simultaneously with the rest of the communities, but
we offer many more places, the call effect will be inevitable: Any intern will have more options in a community where there are more openings in their specialty. It is lawful, but it is not that the communities do not put out to tender all the places they should while the central government looks the other way, ”they pointed out yesterday from the ANPE union.

For its part,
the STEC insisted that "the jobs of thousands of teachers with many years of service are being put at stake and that the Canary Islands must protect their teachers to prevent malpractice from other communities end up harming the teachers who work in the archipelago. We insist on the duty of the Administration to ensure the jobs of teachers on our islands.

The unions hope that the Canarian Government "pressures" the Ministry of Education to ensure that all the communities take out the real squares that they must stabilize to a merit contest. And that is one of the demands that they will make to the president of the Canarian Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, who has been asked to meet.

Rodríguez pointed out that the centrals hope to meet with Torres before continuing to negotiate with Education the distribution of those places.- «Entire bodies of teachers, such as those in art schools, music conservatories or many FP specialties, will be affected because they cannot provide 'other merits' such as oppositions. Here there has not been, so we cannot sign like this », he added.

The STEC has filed an appeal against the royal decree of the Government of Spain and is awaiting what the Supreme Court decides. Therefore, if this matter is not resolved before, they hope that the contest will be delayed "at least until the Supreme Court rules" because this "is going to unleash a strong social problem." However, the Ministry of Education does not need union endorsement to continue with the stabilization process.

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