May 11, 2021

The unions of Alcoa value the pre-agreement but they demand to the Government more commitment

The unions of Alcoa value the pre-agreement but they demand to the Government more commitment

The unions have described on Wednesday as "positive" the agreement reached with Alcoa in the ERE negotiations of the plants of Aviles (Asturias) and La Coruña, but have demanded a greater commitment to the Government, which has been "optimistic" about the final impact on employment.

"I think it's a positive agreement, because we did not have anything," the president of the Avilés Business Committee, José Manuel Gómez de la Uz, said at a press conference at the Ministry of Industry. important "that you have earned time to look for an investor.

Gómez de la Uz has referred to the term of six months (until June 30) included in the pre-agreement, in which the company offers solutions for a maximum of 355 workers, 58.6% of the 623 undefined with which it has in those two work centers.

He admitted, however, that they expected a "more forceful" message from the Government, which, although it has guaranteed that it will be behind the unions and will actively work in the search for an investor, has not offered, he said, "a tangible commitment" Guarantee of all jobs as of July 1.

Also the Secretary of Trade Union Action of the Federation of Industry of USO, Raul Montoya, has made a positive assessment of the pre-agreement because the workers have more than what was and has relied on taking six months in the search for solutions.

It has also demanded that the Government comply with the committed party and work in the search for an investor to save all the jobs.

While waiting for the Executive to put their commitments in writing, the unions will submit from tomorrow at 6:00 pm the pre-agreement to a referendum in the assemblies of workers that will be convened in the two plants.

The Government, for its part, has been optimistic and with "reasonable expectations" that the Alcoa crisis has "little final impact" on employment, although it has insisted that "the results" do not depend on the Executive and that the guarantee of saving 100% of jobs is not included in the pre-agreement.

In a press conference, both the Secretary of State for Employment, Yolanda Valdeolivas, and the Secretary General of Industry, Raul Blanco, have assessed "very positively" the pre-agreement, "unthinkable" and "unimaginable" a few weeks ago, according to his words .

Both have expressed the full commitment of central government, autonomous communities and local administrations in the search for integral solutions for the two plants, which involves the active search for an investor, the attraction of industrial projects and the maintenance of the maximum number of work

"We are very satisfied with the pre-agreement that places us on a horizon that was unimaginable a few days ago," said Valdeolivas, who has acknowledged that there is "a lot of work" to be done in these six months.

He also stressed that until June workers whose employment is not guaranteed will participate in vocational training courses, which will improve their employability, and has trusted that this also helps to minimize the impact.

He has said that those six months give a margin of maneuver and a sufficient time to find solutions, but he has insisted that the result does not depend on the ministry.

Blanco has revealed that there are ongoing contacts with potential investors by the three administrations and has considered that the pre-agreement leaves "a better framework" to facilitate this task.


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