The unions of Alcoa leave the meeting after refusing Alcoa to suspend the closings

The unions of Alcoa leave the meeting after refusing Alcoa to suspend the closings

The first meeting after announcing Alcoa the closure of its plants in Avilés and La Coruña has ended with the unions leaving the meeting, when the company refused to suspend its employment regulation file (ERE), while Alcoa has announced a social plan to mitigate its impact.

The unions UGT and CCOO have left the meeting, which also included representatives of the central government and those of Asturias and Galicia, after an hour and a half, citing the "closure" and "arrogant" attitude of the company, which has been refused to temporarily withdraw the ERE of extinction presented to close its aluminum plants in Avilés (Asturias) and La Coruña, which would affect a total of 686 workers.

The General Secretary of the Federation of Industry of UGT, Pedro Hojas, and that of the CCOO, Agustín Martín, have explained to the media that their proposal is to temporarily paralyze the ERE to find a solution and create a tripartite table, with administrations, company and social agents.

Hojas has explained that they have asked Alcoa's management, represented at the meeting by its president in Spain, Rubén Bartolomé, to give a few months and to withdraw the file.

He affirmed that the company "continues in its closedness to continue raising the ERE" and that they will negotiate it "in a very aggressive and radical attitude because we understand that Alcoa's position is not fair neither with the workers nor with society Galician, nor with the Asturian, nor with the Spanish, we have done a lot for them ".

Santiago Martin, meanwhile, said that the company has said that "the decision was already closed by the group and that it was not going to open any space for dialogue", and that at the meeting their representatives have only presented an intervention oral alleging technological problems and cost of raw material, arguments that unions will refute in the memory against the ERE.

Alcoa will set up the ERE negotiating table with the works councils of the factories of Aviles and La Coruna on October 31 and will propose a social plan to mitigate the impact of the closure of both plants, the company reported today after the meeting.

The company has not advanced details of that plan that it will raise in the negotiation of the ERE, which has a legal term of 30 calendar days, and in today's meeting it has said that it has shelled the productive and technological structural problems of the two factories that have motivated the closure.

After leaving the unions, the meeting has been extended half an hour more with the assistance, among others, of the president of Alcoa Spain, the general secretary of Industry, Raúl Blanco; the general director of Energy Policy and Mines, María Jesús Martín; the Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry of Galicia, Francisco Conde, and the General Director of Industry of Asturias, Manuel Monterrey.

At the end of the meeting, the Galician minister asked Alcoa for a "change of attitude" and for the Government to "assume its powers" and seek "concreteness" to provide feasibility solutions.

He described the meeting as "regrettable" because "it has not responded to expectations" that could be lifted the file of employment regulation (ERE) of extinction raised by Alcoa, but has said that the Government "has not raised a solution concrete. "


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