July 25, 2021

The unions denounce before the Ministry of Labor the ERE presented by Alcoa

The unions denounce before the Ministry of Labor the ERE presented by Alcoa

The company committee of Alcoa Avilés has presented today in the Ministry of Labor allegations to the file of termination of employment presented by the company to understand that it violates the legal regulations in this regard.

The representatives of the Avilesina staff have come to a meeting in Madrid with the management of the aluminum multinational, which was intended to start the ERE consultation period today.

The chairman of the Alcoa Avilés works council, José Manuel Gómez de la Uz, has indicated to Efe that they asked the management to lift the file pending the resolution of the issues raised in both the administrative and judicial areas.

A court in Rotterdam (Netherlands) set for November 19 the session in which the complaint filed by the European committee of Alcoa companies against the file will be seen, because it is understood that the company does not comply with the community regulations.

The members of the works council of A Coruña, on which the file also weighs, have decided not to attend the meeting with the management, in a strategy different from that of their colleagues from Avilés, who did appear, if only to ask the lifting of the ERE.

Thus, the negotiating table was not formed but there was an exchange of impressions in which the company confirmed its intention to continue with its plan to close both factories, according to the same sources.

The unions do not share the arguments of the management of the company to put the closure of two of its factories because they understand that the only difference between the plants of Asturias and Galicia, which employ 686 people, with those of the rest of Europe, It is the electric rate.


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