July 29, 2021

The unions criticize the temporary employment while the self-employed ask to "keep" the course

The unions criticize the temporary employment while the self-employed ask to "keep" the course


The data of registered unemployment corresponding to October offer different readings to the social agents. As reported by the Ministry of Labor, in the ninth month of the year unemployment has risen by 52,194 people in relation to the previous month, standing at 3,254,703 unemployed. A figure that is lower than last year, when there was an increase of 56,884 people, as reported by the Ministry of Labor. If we take a look at the accumulated of the year, unemployment has been reduced by 212,323 people, at an annual rate of 6.12%. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment has dropped by 27,483 people:

The head of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, has put the accent on the 130,000 more members of Social Security. What has qualified as a "good news", as also that "little by little" indefinite hiring is increasing. However, he said that we must continue "working and persevering" so that the more than three million unemployed people in Spain find decent, quality and safe work.

From the group of self-employed, the president of the National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers (ATA), Lorenzo Amor, stressed that the employment data for the month of October reflect a "good pace" in the creation of jobs and asked not to face this "good course".

In particular, Amor has indicated that October leaves a good data on employment, unemployment and affiliation of self-employed workers, although the annual growth rate of employment (+ 3.05%) is lower than one year ago (+ 3.46%) . Regarding the Special Regime of Self-Employed Persons (RETA), it has pointed out that it adds 4,942 self-employed workers, what supposes a growth very superior to the one of October of 2017 (+1,630 freelancers) and marks the second best record in a month of October in the last ten years. What has been attributed to the implementation of the Law of Urgent Reforms of Autonomous Work and the extension of the flat rate of 50 euros from 6 to 12 months.


For the president of Asempleo, the employer that concentrates temporary employment agencies, Andreu Cruañas highlighted on Monday that unemployment and affiliation data for the month of October are better than expected, also taking into account that October is a seasonally bad month for the labor market.

Despite this, Cruañas has warned that the year-on-year growth rate of employment is lower than last year (3.05% vs. 3.46% in 2017). "Although this was predictable, given that the economic slowdown is a reality that has been confirmed for months, the situation invites to take the necessary measures to achieve the highest efficiency in the labor market, allowing it to take advantage of all possible resources, "said the president of Asempleo.

Unions: «weakness of the productive system»

From the union field, UGT has criticized that the Spanish labor market has continued presenting a high level of precarious, temporary and partial employment and that only 6% of the contracts registered in October were indefinite full time. For the union, unemployment data published by Labor put on the table the weakness of the Spanish productive system, based on seasonal activities closely linked to the summer.

For this reason, they have asked to reinforce protection for the unemployed and raise the coverage rate that leaves out 1.5 million unemployed, as well as designing a genuine plan of engagement for employment in social dialogue, with additional resources "to improve the employability and insertion of unemployed people, especially young people and people over 50".

In a very similar line, Workers' Commissions, has urged today to accelerate the plan of young employment that the Government negotiates with the social agents before the rebound of youth unemployment in October, while lamented the "very high" temporality in the recruitment.


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