The unions criticize that the Government has taken six months to convene the Equality Board | Economy

The unions criticize that the Government has taken six months to convene the Equality Board | Economy

Almost six months after starting the dialogue with the unions and 40 days before next March 8, International Women's Day, Government, unions and employers have sat down to start negotiating the dialogue table on Labor Equality, which will be set up formally next week. It is the area in which the three parties are represented, to advance in measures that improve the labor situation of women, who earn 13% less than a man in Spain for similar jobs and to which motherhood penalizes more in your work than his male colleagues. The power plants have made the Government feel that this meeting is now taking place: "The Government has lost a great opportunity for six months because inequality exists and we can not look the other way," said the number 2 of the UGT, Cristina Antoñanzas.

From this first meeting came the commitment of a new meeting for next week. The Vice President of the Government and Minister of Equality, Carmen Calvo, has not appeared after the meeting held in Moncloa, which have also attended the Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, the secretaries of UGT and CC OO, José María Álvaerz and Unai Sordo and those responsible for the bosses: Antonio Garamendi (CEOE) and Gerardo Cuerva (Cepyme). At the end of the meeting, which lasted almost two hours, they attended to the press outside the Moncloa site the heads of Equality of UGT, Cristina Antoñanzas and CC OO, Elena Blasco.

The centrals have transferred the vice president who wants to deal with "inequality from a broader perspective, not just the wage gap," Blasco said. "We have to start working so that it shows in the day to day of the women". In this first meeting of "contact making", according to the unions, an outline of topics to be addressed related to the fight against the wage gap, collective bargaining, co-responsibility or parental leave has been addressed. The objective is "to reach an agreement that can materialize in a legal norm", according to the note sent by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality.

Antoñanazas has asked that the Equality Board "not be isolated" and that its members be present in social security or recruitment issues. It is not foreseen, however, that feminist associations will be represented in this forum, as confirmed by the head of UGT.


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